PK 100002 Performance

Loader Crane

PK 100002 Performance

With HPSC and Power Link Plus operations are possible even in restricted spaces

  • More lifting power due to E-HPLS
  • Additional applications due to Power Link Plus
  • More efficient and faster due to continuous slewing system
  • Shorter loadcycles due to high speed extention
  • Maximum reliability due to PAL 50

Continuous Slewing System

The PALFINGER Continuous Slewing Mechanism permits an unrestricted radius of action. The crane is rotated or 'slewed' using a gear box and hydraulic motor instead of a rack and pinion system. All endless slewing mechanisms come as standard with a high quality roller ball bearing.



The PALFINGER HIGH POWER LIFTING SYSTEM (HPLS) increases the capacity of a crane up to around 10% with reduced operating speed.The new electronic version (E- HPLS) is controlled by the PALTRONIC safety system.

Power Link Plus

With the 15 degree reverse linkage system, you can reach through low door openings and also work inside buildings. Heavy crane work – even in difficult conditions.

Return oil utilisation

The high speed of the extension system is impressive. It results from return oil utilisation, which is installed as standard, and the generously dimensioned hydraulic lines. This increases efficiency in all types of applications!



PK 100002

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