PALFINGER Service Products

Service Products

For us, the term “service” means just that. But to ensure that we provide our service as effectively as possible, we adopt a broader definition of the term. We develop services and innovative software and hardware that support and speed up the process.


Service Products at a glance


Real-time service and product information

We know our products inside and out, right down to the very last detail – because we support them throughout their entire service life, anytime, anywhere. PALFINGER compiles all the product and service data in the central PALDesk database so that it is available to our network anywhere, any time. This includes all the technical specifications, including the operating manual supported with cross-reality applications and the accompanying spare parts catalogue. 
In addition, the entire service history of service and repair work already carried out will be displayed, as well as current operating times, service measures and live status reports on the operational readiness of the machine. Thanks to this human–machine interaction, our PALFINGER partners have all the information they need to hand immediately and know exactly where they need to get to work.


High-tech configuration tool

PALFINGER products are designed to meet your precise requirements and needs. That’s why we also configure them accordingly for you. To do this, we have developed an innovative programme for the diagnosis and configuration of PALTRONIC and radio remote controls. Using PALDiag, the authorised and trained PALFINGER service partners configure the settings that will enable you to work best – such as speed settings, the definition of load limits, lift force limiting, assignment of levers and functions and the calibration of sensors.

Service Contracts

Tailored service packages and insurance

With PALFINGER LIFETIME SERVICE, we offer tailored service and insurance packages. Depending on the option selected, the packages include the legally prescribed inspections, service, all repairs, wear parts as well as product maintenance and cleaning. We define the exact scope of service to give you complete cost transparency.

With the service packages, we take the load off you so that you can focus on your core business. By doing so, we also help to ensure that your machines retain their value. If repairs are needed, only PALFINGER original spare parts are used, which, in turn, are fitted by PALFINGER experts – so you can depend on the highest level of technical safety and optimum financial planning reliability.

To cover the particular requirements of your company and applications, we offer different levels of service packages with flexible contract terms. 

With PALFINGER LIFETIME SERVICE, we are on your side. Our experts provide you with optimum advice and recommendations regarding service and safety. We work with you to evaluate your situation, recommend the right service package and provide information about our attractive insurance protection.

Currently these packages are already available in Germany. The global expansion of the range is underway at PALFINGER.

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Smart Eye – Remote Assistance

We see the world through your eyes

PALFINGER has an extremely close relationship with its service employees and uses state-of-the-art communication methods to stay connected. Whatever the location of our service employees, the PALFINGER Smart Eye means that we are always right by their side with our know-how and expertise thanks to an audio-visual live stream and that we can start the analysis together in real time.
The Smart Eye camera enables us to see what is happening on site. We can see on the display exactly what the service employees see right in front of them. We are also connected via a microphone, which means we can hear each other and provide instructions directly to the service employees. The service employees can then follow these instructions straight away because they have their hands free thanks to the glasses and microphone.

Fleet Monitor

The fleet at a glance

The online-based PALdesk programme provides the data that you, as a fleet manager, need to optimally schedule the deployment of your equipment and best utilise their capacity. You can call up detailed information about every piece of equipment, enabling you to determine its current location, operating status and current application.

This software solution will be available from 2019.

Operator Monitor

PALFINGER on the radar

Operator Monitor provides you, the operator, with detailed information at all times. Utilisation statistics, current scope of functions, current lifting capacities, maintenance intervals and the closest service partner.

This input enables you to take the best possible care of the machine and offers an excellent basis for deployment planning and, in turn, optimum capacity utilisation.