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For us, good service is not just a matter of honour, but a promise that we are committed to keeping. That’s why you can be sure that we don’t make any empty promises when it comes to service at PALFINGER. Our offering includes a whole range of specially developed services as well as innovative software and hardware solutions. 
You benefit from the optimal support provided by our service products so that you can speed up your work processes and do business in a time-efficient manner.

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Service Contracts

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With PALFINGER Service Contracts, we offer tailored service packages. Depending on the selected option, the packages include the legally prescribed inspections, regular services, repairs*, wear parts as well as product maintenance and cleaning. We define the exact scope of service to give you complete cost transparency.

With the service packages, we take the load off you so that you can focus on your core business. By doing so, we also help to ensure that your machine retains its value. If repairs are needed, only PALFINGER original spare parts are used, which, in turn, are fitted by PALFINGER experts – so you can depend on the highest level of technical safety and optimum financial planning reliability.

To cover the particular requirements of your company and applications, we offer different levels PURE, PERFORM, PRO and PRIME:


With PALFINGER LIFETIME SERVICE, we are on your side. Our experts provide you with optimum advice and recommendations regarding service and safety. We work with you to evaluate your situation and recommend the right service package.

*repairs defined by the guarantee and warranty guidelines





PALFINGER Service Contracts
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PALFINGER Lubricants

Never underestimate the importance of the fluid running through your equipment veins. High-quality oil is an integral cornerstone of the top-notch performance of our products and their overall lifetime.


We now offer PALFINGER Lubricants to meet the high-quality standards of our machines, because our products have evolved and the oil inside them must as well! We have developed a portfolio of lubricants that is perfectly suited to PALFINGER products and their applications, transmitting power more powerfully, reducing friction, absorbing heat, keeping parts cleaner, protecting them from wear and corrosion and therefore increasing performance. In addition, due to the excellent base oil used for their production and the carefully chosen formula, PALFINGER Lubricants have a longer oil change interval.


With PALFINGER Lubricants an annual oil change is no longer mandatory, but an annual oil check that will tell you not only if an oil change is necessary but also the condition of your hydraulic system. This portfolio includes Hydraulic Oil, mineral & bio-based, and Gear Oil, valid for our entire range of equipment and available throughout our worldwide network. It is used throughout the production process since summer 2019.



PALFINGER Lubricants
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Smart Eye – Remote Assistance

We see the world through your eyes

Connected to our global Service Network through state-of-the-art communication methods for your quickest possible support. Wherever the service technicians are located, with the PALFINGER Smart Eye technology we are always right by their side.
Thanks to an audio-visual livestream our know-how and expertise can be shared in real-time. The Smart Eye camera enables us to see what is happening on site. We can see on the display exactly what the service technicians see right in front of them. We are also connected via a microphone, which means we can hear each other and provide instructions directly to the service employees. The service employees can then follow these instructions straight away because they have their hands free thanks to the glasses and microphone.
Under all weather conditions, the Smart Eye camera enables us to see what is happening on site and together we will find the right solution.


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We know our products inside and out, right down to the very last detail – because we support them throughout their entire service life, anytime, anywhere. PALFINGER compiles all the product and service data in the central PALDesk database so that it is available to our network anywhere, any time. This includes all the technical specifications, including the operating manual supported with cross-reality applications and the accompanying spare parts catalogue. 
In addition, the entire service history of service and repair work already carried out will be displayed, as well as current operating times, service measures and live status reports on the operational readiness of the machine. Thanks to this human–machine interaction, our PALFINGER partners have all the information they need to hand immediately and know exactly where they need to get to work.

XR App

Digital product experience

PALFINGER is always state-of-the-art when it comes to products and product presentations. Thanks to modern augmented reality technology and 3D animations, products can be examined from all sides with a 360° view. Important information can also be accessed via a side menu in the form of short texts, images and videos.

The video function integrated in the app means that analogue media can be enriched with digital content. Wherever you see the XR symbol, simply scan the picture behind it with your smartphone. Extra information about the relevant topic will then be displayed in a video – all this is done directly and without your being redirected (e.g. to YouTube).
 The PALFINGER XR app can be downloaded onto any common mobile device from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



PALFINGER products are designed to meet your precise requirements and needs. Furthermore we are always considering the challenges of the markets and digital trends to constantly improve ourselves. To meet this demand, we have developed a new and innovative software for the configuration and diagnostic of our products - PALDIAG.

Using PALDIAG, our authorized and trained service partners configure the settings that will enable you to work best – such as configuration of stability (e.g. ISC, HPSC-Plus LOAD), assistance (e.g. P-Fold) and comfort systems (e.g. AOS, SRC, RTC, Soft Stop, …), definition of load limits and restriction areas, assignment of levers and functions, speed settings, calibration of sensors and telematics module, retrofitting of functions, etc.

Due to ease of use, quality and efficiency of the new PALDIAG software, the performance of your service partner can be enhanced, while adjusting the product to your needs as a customer.



The online-based PALdesk programme provides the data that you, as a fleet manager, need to optimally schedule the deployment of your equipment and best utilise their capacity. You can call up detailed information about every piece of equipment, enabling you to determine its current location, operating status and current application. 

Operator Monitor provides you, the operator, with detailed information at all times. Utilisation statistics, current scope of functions, current lifting capacities, maintenance intervals and the closest service partner.
This input enables you to take the best possible care of the machine and offers an excellent basis for deployment planning and, in turn, optimum capacity utilisation.

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