PALFINGER Integrity Line

Integrity Line

In recent years, there have been repeated reports in the media about whistleblowing in large international companies. The EU Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937 has set a Europe-wide minimum standard for reporting breaches of the law.

Due to our highly positive culture at PALFINGER, we assume that no such problems will arise. Nevertheless, in the spirit of corporate governance, we would like to offer our employees, but also our customers and suppliers, the opportunity to contact us, either by name or anonymously, to report possible violations of the law that affect companies in the PALFINGER Group. The option for all employees to inform their manager directly will of course remain in place. You can submit reports via the external Integrity Line platform using the link below. The reports will be processed within the company.

If the internal investigation reveals that the information received is correct, the employees responsible for the area will be confronted with the allegations to implement improvement measures. If necessary, further measures will be taken in individual cases.

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