PALFINGER Service Network

Service Network


A high level of service quality demands speed and expertise. Hand in hand with our service partners, we form a strong global service network. Together we develop solutions designed to enhance efficiency, safety and comfort. You can be confident that our entire service portfolio is designed specifically to ensure your long-term success.
To ensure that it can respond rapidly, PALFINGER has built a tightly dense network of general representatives and service partners. Globally, this translates to more than 5,000 service centres in 130 countries. For you, this means short communication paths and speedy support.
For this dense network of manufacturers, general representatives and service partners, we have developed a comprehensive certification structure. This ensures that every single partner within this system can help to ensure customer satisfaction as effectively as possible. Two PALFINGER service partners are evaluated in accordance with these standards every day. And 400,000 hours are invested in quality assurance and training every year by 2700 participants via PALFINGER University/Pal-U. Our qualified partners are always here for you. This is what we call good service.



PALFINGER products enjoy an outstanding reputation around the globe, as do their accompanying service packages. That is why PALFINGER has locations on every continent, with more than 5,000 sales and service centres in over 130 countries. For you, this means that no matter where you’re using your product, a PALFINGER service partner is never far away. 


To us, LIFETIME SERVICE means first-class service with exceptional standards. We define these standards together with general representatives and service partners. We constantly evaluate our partners to ensure that we can provide you with the very best service. With a high degree of standardisation, PALFINGER ensures that you benefit from an optimal infrastructure. In this way, we ensure that you can expect the same high standards from every service partner.


In Europe alone, more than 7,500 PALFINGER service experts are ready and waiting to help you. Every single one of PALFINGER’s service partners has a profound knowledge of the products thanks to regular discussions, in-depth courses and ongoing training – all to ensure that we provide you with the best possible support should you experience any problems with your products.

Competence through training and feedback

The sales and service partners are your direct points of contact, so PALFINGER, as the manufacturer, provides them with the best training and ongoing support to enable them to fulfil this role. The PALFINGER University training academy, which teaches in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, forms part of this process. After all, the better you know a product, understand the technology and can use the software, the simpler the service and repair work is.

The courses take part at a state-of-the-art training centre in Austria with seminar rooms, a demo centre, training bay and infrastructure for modern, multimedia teaching. Furthermore, the training is completed in Austria and on site around the globe! Our team travels across the world to train our network!

To make sure that course participants really know what they are talking about, all courses follow the same principle: no training without the product. All content is also provided in digital form so that PALFINGER partners can find answers to any questions they may later have.

The training sessions are also a way of listening to the customer, so PALFINGER always thinks one step ahead and develops perfectly harmonised overall concepts. The focus is always on delivering the optimum technical and economic benefit for you.

Training in numbers

EVALUATION of our Partner Standards

High standards for first-class service

You value the products, as well as the support and services provided by our partners. Together with general representatives and service partners, standards have been defined that represent a common commitment to LIFETIME SERVICE. Since then, a continuous process of standardisation and evaluation has laid the foundations for the infrastructure that is used to provide you with the best possible service. This includes the uniform brand presence and the close collaboration within the network as well as comprehensive product expertise and a clear definition of services and processes. Two service partners are evaluated against these standards worldwide every day.


You benefit from this because you can rely on expert, professional advice and support for all matters relating to perfectly harmonised vehicle concepts. You can rest assured that you will receive qualified assistance quickly and easily in service situations. Our partners also benefit because they can rely on the professional and specialist support of the general representatives at all times.


Your satisfaction and you are an important factor when it comes to achieving economic success – both for PALFINGER as the manufacturer and for our partners.

The PALFINGER Distributor Standards include:

  • Development of sales and service network
  • Definition of functions and processes
  • Provision of sales and marketing documentation
  • Training and service courses
  • Project planning
  • Spare parts management
  • Customer service and workshop support
  • Processing of guarantees
  • Management of claims


The PALFINGER Partner Standards include:

  • Mounting and installation
  • Sales and marketing
  • Project planning
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Mobile workshops
  • Product delivery
  • Commissioning and configuration

QUALIFIcATION of our service partners