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Digital Solutions from PALFINGER

Global megatrends are constantly presenting PALFINGER with new challenges. Sustainability, demographic change and digitalization are of particular relevance to PALFINGER.

Digital transformation has long been part of PALFINGER's successful corporate culture. In order to offer tailor-made solutions for individual requirements, continuous development is indispensable - this applies to all product lines and business processes. Processes are digitized along the entire value chain and are based on a uniform system that can be used by everyone globally. This creates synergies and helps to share knowledge within the PALFINGER Group and to be faster than any competitor.

The "Vision & Strategy 2030" is based on the two strategic pillars "Go for Solutions" and "Go Digital". With "Go for Solutions", PALFINGER will develop into a solution provider equipping customers with complete solutions by 2030. PALFINGER thinks in terms of products as well as configured solutions. To this end, PALFINGER combines physical and digital solutions into a single unit - customers get hardware and software from a single source: smart and highly networked machines. With the "Go Digital" pillar, PALFINGER is driving the digitalization of the entire production and value chain. The main objective is to provide customers with intelligent leverage solutions and services that make every day work easier and turn them into winners in a dynamic market.

Comfort, support, efficiency and safety

Digital solutions from PALFINGER make work processes easier and working with its products even more comfortable. In this context, the focus is as much on physical driver comfort as on integrated and user-oriented systems that increase user-friendliness and safety. New assistance systems make handling easier and reduce initial training time on the device. The new visualisation and control systems enable users to remain outside of the danger area during utilisation. PALFINGER fleet management solutions provide an improved overview of device use, while integrated communication systems optimise data exchange between fleet managers and crane operators. This improves the reliability of device use planning and reduces time-consuming, manual coordination and administration activities. A key topic when it comes to support solutions is preventive maintenance, which helps to prevent expensive repairs and maximises device uptime.



The Fleet Monitor is a special platform that supports the work of fleet managers and dispatcher with digital intelligence. For truck and crane operators, the Operator Monitor – a highly practical app – is the ideal tool for working more efficiently. Both solutions offer all important information at a glance and monitor the activities of all products. This ensures that the fleet is fully connected and all the relevant job data is delivered.

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Smart Control

Smart Control is the new digital boom tip controller for loader cranes, which enables crane operators to control any horizontal or vertical movement of the crane boom tip with a single movement of the lever. All the operator has to do is move a lever on the control panel, while PALFINGER’s PALTRONIC electronic control system calculates the necessary movement combination using its position and pressure sensors. As a result, a crane equipped with Smart Control is much easier to operate and virtually unrivalled when it comes to precision. Crane models featuring TEC 7 technology are already equipped for this application of the future.

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E-joystick control

The L-cranes with a top seat PK 22.001L TEC7 and PK 26.001L TEC7 can now also be controlled using an electronic joystick. This even enables integrated load detection via HPSC-Plus LOAD without the operator having to use radio remote control. E-joysticks can be used to control the stabiliser and auxiliary support in addition to all crane functions. This also means that, for the first time ever, the lifting capacity (HPLS) of L-cranes can be increased without the use of radio remote control.

HPSC-Plus Load

The tried-and-tested HPSC stability control system has also been continuously developed and now offers HPSC-Plus Load, a load detection system that uses inclination as an additional parameter for stability, thereby optimising the performance and reach of the crane. HPSC-Plus LOAD reacts to the truck's load situation and takes the inclination as a basis for calculating the maximum load limit suitable for the situation in question. HPSC and LOAD complement each other perfectly and perform stability monitoring tasks automatically – no matter whether the vehicle is unladen, partially laden or fully laden. The operator does not have to do any extra work to activate or deactivate the LOAD module.

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The new PAD-Touch cabin controller for hookloader combines the easy handling of a joystick controller with the additional functions and innovations of a touchscreen. Here, the load-moving functions are controlled via a new and highly compact joystick terminal, while all additional functions are operated via the touchscreen.