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Brand New FHS Series!

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TEC Series Knuckle Boom Cranes
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The World's Leading Provider of Innovative Crane and Lifting Solutions

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Your obstacles out in the field matter, and that’s why we put so much passion into our equipment – to make you more successful. Our machines are more than just technology… they are the result of your experiences and our innovations – worldwide. Our products are solutions that we develop with you. 

We have instilled values that shape the relationships we trust today from a young age. From friendships, teammates, spouses, and business associates, we’ve learned to select carefully who we can rely on.

With PALFINGER, you’re in safe hands because we understand that trust is an earned reward. Our relationship doesn’t end with a closed sale – PALFINGER goes beyond. You can count on us, the people behind the product, because the most important thing that we build is your business at the end of the day.

We are proud to stand for the best quality on the market, and we are even prouder to stand by you.

Work ready mechanics trucks & bucket trucks available in North America

PALFINGER our participating distributors have invested heavily in building turn-key work-ready trucks to support your business. Available for immediate purchase, our high-quality work-ready trucks will be delivered right to your front door — ready for you to satisfy the demands of your customers. We’ve got your back!

PALFINGER’s Mechanics Truck packages range from a Class 3 chassis with a 3,200 lbs. crane and body package to a Class 7 chassis with a 14,000 lbs. crane and body package.

Our Bucket Truck packages include insulated and non-insulated units, telescopic or telescopic articulating units, and overcenter or non-overcenter units, with working heights starting from 33 ft to 59 ft.

When you need a quality-built mechanics truck or a bucket truck "yesterday", count on PALFINGER our distributors to have what you need. Find a complete list of available packages online now — only on PALDRIVE.


Find Turn Key Work Ready Trucks on PALDRIVE

what we stand for

LIFETIME EXCELLENCE is our promise. Our central message. The core of our brand. For our customers, it means uncompromising top performance. The most economical, reliable and innovative lifting solutions in a global network of professional service partners – for the product's lifetime. Professionals need product solutions with excellent lifecycle performance. High resale value, shorter downtime and durable components result in outstanding cost balance – decisive reasons for our customers to invest in PALFINGER products. They know that, along with excellent performance, they are getting the most cost-effective and economical product solutions in the long term.

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PALFINGER Lifetime Excellence
PALFINGER Lifetime Excellence
Lifetime Excellence


PALFINGER products offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. High productivity, ease of use, a close-knit service network, and high resale value more than pay for the investment in a PALFINGER product throughout its use.
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Lifetime Excellence


The premium quality and strength of the products, durable components and outstanding workmanship, dependable worldwide service, as well as the company’s stability and solidity make PALFINGER a reliable partner for professionals.
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Lifetime Excellence


PALFINGER is committed to leadership in innovation. In the past, trailblazing developments have revolutionized products, and, in the future, intelligent system solutions and unique functionality from PALFINGER will also shape the industry and new product development.
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