Mechanic Trucks

PPC 37

Piston Compressor Up to 40 CFM

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The PPC 37 is the ideal air compressor for the Mechanics Truck and Tire Service Industries.  At the heart of the system is an aluminum, single stage, V4, pressure lubricated reciprocating air compressor.  Fully assembled in the U.S.A., the aluminum compressor assembly offers lighter weight and higher thermal efficiency than cast iron compressor assemblies.  The PPC 37 includes an internal oil pump for increased lubrication over that of splash lubrication compressors. 

The compressor is direct coupled to a 10 GPM gear-type hydraulic driven motor, no need to replace and tension belts when time is of the essence!

Routine maintenance items are accessible without the removal of the canopy.  Also, included standard with the PPC 37 are an integrated hydraulic system cooler, integrated solenoid and relief valve, 12 VDC fan assembly, heavy-duty filtration and 18 month warranty for the compressor assembly.

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Technical data

• Style Air-Cooled 4 Cylinder V-twin Reciprocating
• Air Delivery 37 CFM @ 100 PSI
• Maximum System Pressure 150 PSI
• Operating Speed 1,440 RPM
• Cylinder Bore 2-5/8"
• Piston Stroke 2-5/8"
• Piston Displacement 48 CFM
• Oil Capacity 1-1/4 Quarts
• Lubrication Splash and Pressure
• Duty Cycle Intermittent
• Drive Shaft-to-Shaft Direct Coupled
• Air Outlet 1/2" FNPT
• Flow Requirements 10 GPM*
• Normal Operating Pressure 1,850 PSI*
• Maximum Operating Pressure 2,400 PSI
• Inlet Port Size -12 FSAE
• Outlet Port Size -12 FSAE
• Hydraulic Cooler Integrated
• Controls Integrated Hydraulic Pressure Relief and Solenoid
• System Voltage 12 VDC
• Vehicle Interface Single Connector
• Fan 13" Diameter Pusher
• Output Signal 12 VDC Speed Control
Safety and Maintenance
• Shutdown High Temperature
• Air Intake Filter Dual Single Stage
• Access Removable Canopy
• Oil Level Indicator Sightglass
Additonal specifications
• Dimensions 27.50" (L) x 20.75" (W) x 18.00" (H)
• Weight 200 lbs. (dry)
• Lifting 2-Point Lift
• Canopy 1-Piece Powdercoated Aluminum
Note (*): Calulated without an efficiency factor