PALFINGER PAL Pro Mechanics Trucks

PAL Pro Mechanics Truck Highlights

Ultimate rust protection

Our components are E-coated before installation to ensure total paint coverage - even in the most critical areas. You can expect the best rust protection in the industry - period.

Storage & Heavy Duty Work Surface

A true mechanics workbench built to withstand tough work for years to come, featuring 12-30” workbench bumpers, standard receiver hitch, standard 1/4" or 5/16” steel top plate and thru compartment for additional storage.

Galvanneal Steel

Body construction features two-sided A60 galvannealed steel. The annealing heat treatment process directly after the galvanization of the sheet steel in a hot zinc bath during production causes the iron and zinc layers to diffuse into each other creating fully bonded zinc-iron alloys at the surface. These alloy layers provide excellent scratch and corrosion resistance as well as a desirable substrate for superior paint adhesion.


Every raised compartment comes with PALFINGER’S engineered gussets for increased protection against the body cracking in the door corner.


New Boom Tip Lighting Kits

Work longer and safer. Adding our new boom tip lighting kit to your fleet will not only light up your job site, but also your bottom line.

Pistol Grip Remote Control

The PALFINGER Pistol Grip remote control enables operators to operate all crane functions remotely by offering comfortable, single-handed operation in a rugged, weatherproof handset design.