PALFINGER PAL Pro Mechanics Trucks

The Ultimate Rust Protection For The Modern Mechanics Truck

We know that you’re working hard, day-in and day-out, in some pretty tough conditions and a rusty fleet should not be an issue. PALFINGER is the only manufacturer to epoxy electrocoat (E-Coat) every crane and body to handle the toughest loads and job site conditions, expanding the lifespan of your service truck.

Protect your investment with PALFINGER’s durable and corrosion resistant E-Coat process. Our 12-step E-Coat process cleans and coats the steel components with the best anti-corrosion primer process available for steel mechanics bodies and cranes. Unlike a traditional wand-wash and primer application, electrocoating ensures complete and consistent coverage. Backed by our 6-year rust-thru guarantee and an experienced team of professionals, count on PALFINGER to keep your fleet strong and reliable.

The E-coat Process

Multiple layers of protection

E-Coat Pretreatment Process Pretreatment


Every PAL Pro body is dipped into a series of tanks starting with cleaning oil and residue from the steel. Next, the body goes through conditioning and zinc phosphating to form microscopic crystals on the surface to increase corrosion resistance and paint adhesion/toughness. A final seal rinse finishes this step, applying a coating around the crystals.

E-Coat Treatment E-Coat & Curing

E-Coat & Curing

The PAL Pro body is dipped into a paint bath where direct current is applied between the product and a counter electrode. Paint is attracted by the electric field to the product and is deposited to a precise thickness. Next, the body is placed in a 375° oversized oven to cure and harden the E-Coat primer, providing a durable finish before the top coat is applied.

Paint and LINE-X Paint & Line-X

Paint & Line-X

An extraordinarily durable and consistent top-coat is applied to the PAL Pro body in a wide range of Axalta Imron Elite single stage paint colors. To increase durability, a white Zolatone coating is applied to the compartment interiors on PAL Pro 39, 43, 72 and 86 models (optional on PAL Pro 20), and black LINE-X bedliner can be applied to the exterior of the body by customer request.

Michigan CAT PAL Pro Mechanics Trucks

Designed to hold up against the toughest conditions

“Our expectations with PALFINGER’s E-coat are exceeded. Our uptime has improved because we are not wasting time and money with rust, repairs, or repainting. We will always have a positive customer perception with a service truck that looks this incredible!”
 - Ken Meerschaert, Eastern Regional Operations Director at Michigan CAT.
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800 Hour Salt Spray Test

PALFINGER uses a standardized accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack to coated samples in order to evaluate the suitability of the coating for use as a protective finish. During the ultimate endurance test, the panels are scribed (narrow scratch down to the metal) before entering the salt spray cabinet where they stay for 800 hours. Results are determined by measuring the increase in creepage from the original scribe.


Zinc Phosphate VS. Other Protective Finishes

Zinc Phosphate Process PALFINGER Zinc Phosphate Process

PALFINGER Zinc Phosphate Process

Iron Phosphate Process Iron Phosphate Process

Iron Phosphate Process

Bare Cleaned Steel Bare Cleaned Steel (without Zinc Phosphate)

Bare Cleaned Steel (without Zinc Phosphate)

The best corrosion resistance  available for steel bodies and cranes

The Best Protection Against Salt, Moisture, Snow & Ice.

"These products are designed to hold up better than anything else in this industry. It’s proven from the railroads, mine sites, to the oil and gas industry how well these trucks hold up against conditions that typically destroy service trucks."
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Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Resistance

What makes PALFINGER’s E-Coat environmentally friendly? Check out the 6 reasons below:

  • Minimal Solid Waste: Closed-loop rinse system reduces paint loss.
  • Cleaner Application: Completely enclosed system.
  • EPA Compliance: Low or zero VOC and HAPs coatings.
  • Recycled Water: Closed loop system reduces water loss.
  • Reduced Fire Hazard: Waterborne systems.
Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Resistance