Depends on PAL Pro Mechanics Trucks for mobile repair.



Sarpy County, located near Omaha, Nebraska, relies on their Fleet Service Division to maintain nearly 400 pieces of equipment. From engines, transmissions, motor graders, and everything in between, the division assembles, rebuilds, and repairs all equipment owned by the County. But, not all the work happens within their shop; Sarpy County owns mechanics trucks to provide reliable service and repair work on the road, including a PALFINGER PAL Pro 43 Mechanics Truck equipped with a PALFINGER PSC 4329 Service Crane and PALFINGER Liftgate.




The Pal Pro 43 is an 11’ mechanics truck body manufactured to support Palfinger’s PSC 4329 hydraulic crane with 29’ of reach and an 8,000 lb. winch capacity. When it came time to purchase a new mechanics truck, George Funderbunk – Fleet Manager – was more than prepared for the task. As an employee of the Fleet Service Division for 22 years, and a mobile mechanic himself, George’s experience helped him carefully analyze the design and specifications of their new truck. His procurement process involved demonstrations and a careful review of manufacturer capabilities to ensure that the new truck would meet his department’s needs. For George, one of the most important requirements was that the new truck would have to be versatile, well-built, and effective on the job site. That’s why along with the service crane, George also decided to add a hydraulic liftgate to the rear of the truck. During the initial demonstrations of the PALFINGER PAL Pro Mechanics Truck, George’s team found that it not only out-performed the County’s current service truck, but it outshined the competition as well. They favored the professional appearance of the PAL Pro 43 Mechanics Truck, explaining that “the engineering is extremely clean, compact, neat and tidy – yet very effective”. Once the truck was built and put into the fleet, Sarpy County’s primary mechanic, Jeff, who has over 20 years of experience, commented that “Our PAL Pro is a great fit for the County. (The crane) is so fine-tuned, responsive and easy to control – (it) does exactly what I want it to do without any jerky movements.” Jeff also says that he barely has to bring any parts back to the shop for service, since he has everything he needs to complete the repairs on the road thanks to the options and body storage capabilities. According to Jeff, “Operating this service truck makes me a better mechanic. I’m confident going into each job because I know I have great equipment to get it done right the first time”.

PALFINGER would like to thank Sarpy County for their confidence and trust in our abilities and equipment. We greatly value their partnership.

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About Omaha Standard PALFINGER

Omaha Standard PALFINGER, established in 1926, has been a leading manufacturer of service/utility bodies, platform bodies, hydraulic hoists, hydraulic liftgates, mechanics trucks and other equipment for commercial trucks and markets its products. In 2008 Omaha Standard was acquired by PALFINGER.

About the PALFINGER North America Group:

The PALFINGER North America Group was formed following PALFINGER’s acquisitions of MBB Interlift, Omaha Standard Inc. Automated Waste Equipment and Equipment Technology LLC (ETI). These new partnerships give PALFINGER the additional product lines, multiple truck chassis pools and a distribution network that meets the demands of key industries throughout North and Latin America.

The PALFINGER North America Group features (6) manufacturing locations, (10) wholly owned distribution locations and a dedicated staff of more than 1,000 employees who service the North and Latin American market.

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