up to 39,000 ft lbs

PAL Pro 39

Mechanics Trucks

True Crane Body - 39,000 ft. lbs.

The PAL Pro 39 is our new weight-optimized generation of bodies available in 9' and 11' configurations.  In this development, we discovered new ways to reduce weight and becoming the lightest steel crane body in the industry without sacrificing durability.

Featuring new light-weight aluminum doors, the PAL Pro 39 offers you more usable payload and reduced corrosion.

Choose from a variety of standard options to meet your service truck needs including a headache rack, accessory mounting brackets, tailshelf and bumper options, and much more.  

Each PAL Pro 39 is manufactured with 12 gauge all A60 galvanneal steel construction, a hybrid torsion box that eliminates frame and side pack deflection, and the best rust protection in the industry.




  • PRC 45V


Mechanics Trucks - Palpro 39

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Service Truck Solution Range

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