PAL Pro 39 Mechanics Truck

up to 39,000 ft lbs

PAL Pro 39

True Crane Body — 39,000 ft. lbs.

Mechanics Trucks
Imperial Metric
Max Lifting Moment 42800 ft. lbs.
Chassis Class Up to 4
Standard Configuration Up to 11'

The PAL Pro 39 is our new weight-optimized generation of bodies available in 9' and 11' configurations. In this development, we discovered new ways to reduce weight to create the lightest steel crane body in the industry without sacrificing durability.

Featuring new light-weight aluminum doors, the PAL Pro 39 offers you a more usable payload and reduced corrosion. Choose from various standard options to meet your service truck needs, including a headache rack, accessory mounting brackets, tail shelf and bumper options, and more.

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PAL Pro Mechanics Truck E-Coat Process
PAL Pro 39 Mechanics Truck
PALFINGER Personnel Basket
Multiple Layers of Protection

The Ultimate Rust Protection

The PAL Pro 39 mechanics body is designed to hold up against the toughest job site conditions. A 12-step epoxy electrocoat (E-Coat) process provides the best anti-corrosion protection available for steel bodies and cranes, and is backed by our 6-year rust-thru guarantee.

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Available now on PALDRIVE

Work Ready PAL Pro 39 Packages

PAL Pro 39 mechanics trucks equipped with PALFINGER service cranes, compressors, and many available options and accessories, are a reliable solution to get your team up and running quickly, while providing your customers with the best service experience possible.

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Personnel Basket

Innovative & Compact Aerial Lift Solution

An industry first developed by PALFINGER, our patented collapsible personnel basket provides mobile mechanics quick and easy aerial access on the job site. When the job is done, the basket is easily collapsed and stored onto the body for transport.

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Built for powerful cranes

PAL Pro 39 is manufactured using 12-gauge A-60 galvanneal steel and features a full-length torsion box understructure interlaced with tubular cross members. Combined with integrated outrigger housings, PAL Pro 39 effectively manages crane forces while preventing flexing and cracking.

PAL Pro 39 features a 39,000 ft. lbs. crane reinforcement designed to accommodate PALFINGER PSC 3216, 4016, 4025, 5025, and 6025 service cranes.

Optimized for increased payload

PAL Pro 39 is designed to be the lightest steel crane body in the industry without sacrificing durability. The body can be mounted on a dual wheel chassis with a GVWR as low as 14,001 lbs., providing excellent flexibility for a wide range of applications.


Ready for top mounted accessories

Threaded weldment options available from the factory make installing top mounted accessories easy. Boom rest, welder, compressor, EnPak, Air-n-Arc and AirPak mounts eliminate the need to drill holes in the body.

Light-Weight Aluminum Doors & Trays

PAL Pro 39 features light-weight aluminum double panel doors that provide rigid performance with internal C-channel stiffeners adhered with structural adhesive. Interior compartments feature aluminum hinges and divider trays that are light-weight and corrosion resistant.


Zolatone Interior Compartment Coating

Interior compartments on the PAL Pro 39 are coated with Zolatone to resist damage commonly caused by tools, chains, and parts. Zolatone provides an additional layer of rust protection and as an added bonus, the coating is white in color and helps to brighten up the interior.

A True Mechanics Work Bench

PAL Pro 39 features either a 12" or 21" deep work bench bumper designed to provide technicians with a useable work surface for field repairs, welding, and more. Each bumper features a 1/4" steel top plate and the 21" bumper adds a thru-compartment for internal storage of long tools and chains.


Integrated Hitch Receiver

All PAL Pro 39 bumpers come standard with a 2" receiver tube hitch rated to 16,000 lbs. towing capacity.



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