PALFINGER Loader Cranes

Smart Control

Intuitive control

Product Features

Smart Control is the way of controlling the tip of a TEC 7 crane. With Smart Control, the operator can control a horizontal or vertical movement of the crane tip with only one lever. Moreover, a diagonal movement as well as any curve are possible by combining both directions. Slewing is controlled conventionally. 

How it Works

With Smart Control the operator defines where the tip of the crane will move, while the PALTRONIC combines the necessary crane section movements (main boom, knuckle boom, extension booms) in the background. One of the preconditions is the electrical oil volume regulator Flow Sharing, which ensures that several crane functions are provided with enough hydraulic oil. Length measurement system in the extension booms monitors the position of the crane. Parameters as deflection of the boom system or inclination of the truck (in combination with HPSC-Plus LOAD) are monitored and corrected by PALTRONIC for an even more precise control.