Economic integration, rapid growth and development have transformed Asia Pacific into a region of immense potential. In 2006, PALFINGER Asia Pacific was established in Singapore as a regional headquarter to develop and strengthen PALFINGER’s market presence within the Southeast Asia region.

In 2012, PALFINGER Asia Pacific undertook a joint venture together with SANY Heavy Industry, China’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment. The new company, Sany Palfinger SPV Equipment co..Ltd develops and produces truck mounted knuckle boom cranes (SPK) and stiff boom cranes (SPS) for the Chinese and international market.

With the roll out of the Global PALFINGER Organization in 2019, PALFINGER Asia Pacific office in Singapore becomes the headquarters for the company in the APAC region.

Today, PALFINGER Asia Pacific spans 21 dealers across 17 countries in Asia Pacific, with our main office in Singapore, and offices across China, India, Japan, Korea, and Indonesia.


  • Knuckle Boom Cranes: PALFINGER’s main product is the hydraulic knuckle boom crane which is renowned for its user friendliness and high efficiency. With more than 100 models across a large range of outreach and lifting capacities, PALFINGER is a leading manufacturer in this product category.
  • SANY PALFINGER Knuckle Boom Cranes: Knuckle boom cranes of long standing PALFINGER designs are manufactured and assembled at the SANY PALFINGER SPV Equipment factory located in Rudong, China. These popular models are simple yet robust, making them a reliable favourite in the logistics industry.
  • SANY PALFINGER Stiff Boom Cranes: Stiff boom cranes are manufactured and assembled at the SANY PALFINGER SPV Equipment factory located in Rudong, China. The simple yet robust design makes it a favourite in the construction and logistics segments.
  • Epsilon Timber & Recycling Cranes: First sold in 1988, PALFINGER’s Epsilon crane is one of PALFINGER’s longest standing products. Up till today, PALFINGER’s Epsilon cranes are still manufactured in accordance to strict quality standards in our Austria factories.
  • Hookloaders: PALFINGER is one of the largest manufacturers of hook lifts across the world. With the Telescopic series designed for precision and ergonomics, and the Power series designed for heavy usage, PALFINGER’s Hookloaders can be used in many industry and fields, such as Municipal and Industrial Waste handling, Fire Brigade, Military, Container handling.
  • Access Platforms: PALFINGER’s truck mounted access platforms enable users to reach any height with ease. The TOP CLASS range offers maximum job performance, while the compact set up of the SMART CLASS range allows for easy manoeuvring even in tight spaces. The TRACKED CLASS range introduced recently starts from 15m up to 52m working height, and can be utilized indoors, outdoors and rough terrains due to its versatility.
  • ETI Insulated Access Platforms: PALFINGER’s truck mounted insulated access platforms are manufactured in North America, and enable users to reach a range of heights from 10m to 20m with ease and safety. In addition, a range of the ETI platforms equips users with a jib and hydraulic winch capable of carrying up to 450kg of material load.
  • Bridge Inspection Units: PALFINGER is the worldwide market leader in high-tech railway applications. Assembled in Austria, PALFINGER’s Bridge Inspection Cranes is the high-tech solution for bridge inspection works. 


  • Other equipment in our product range include:
    • Cranes for Railway maintenance & inspection
    • Truck Mounted Fork Lifts
    • Tail lift & passenger lift for trucks, Buses & Vans
    • Crawler Cranes

The focus of PALFINGER Asia Pacific is to provide service, sales and marketing support for our dealers and customers. PALFINGER Asia Pacific offers the services listed below:


  • Quotations/enquiries
  • Tender support
  • Support for stability calculations
  • Organization/support of regional conferences
  • Product management for Asia market requirements
  • Sales training Business/Dealer development


  • Spare parts
  • Technical inquires/helpdesk
  • Service training
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Use of load charts
  • Daily and preventive maintenance
  • Replacement of high pressure filters


  • Area Marketing
  • Provision of brand templates and guidelines to dealers
  • Co-investment in exhibitions and events
  • Design support in brochures and advertising



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Established in 1932, PALFINGER stands for the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective lifting solutions for use on commercial vehicles, ships and stationary equipment. Innovation and further internationalisation of products, processes and services form, in addition to greater flexibility, are the lived strategic pillars of the corporate strategy. To allow for a prioritization of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, this time-tested strategy has been supplemented by a fourth pillar: PALFINGER 21st stands for new core competences, new approaches, new products, services and business models in the digital age. High flexibility and competence in production and a global sales and services network give us a crucial competitive edge and ensure our customers LIFETIME EXCELLENCE.

As a multinational company group with its headquarters in Bergheim near Salzburg, Austria, PALFINGER has more than 30 manufacturing and assembly sites in Europe, in CIS, in North and South America as well as in Asia. With around 5,000 sales and service outlets on five continents PALFINGER is always close to the customer no matter the location. This worldwide presence results in an optimal pre- and after-sales service tailor-made to the needs of each specific market. More than 95 per cent of the products are exported in more than 130 countries worldwide.

The core product is the Loader Crane. The company is the world market leader in this segment with more than 100 models. In Timber and Recycling Cranes on- and off-road as well as Hooklifts PALFINGER is also the world’s biggest manufacturer. Over the years the product portfolio has been steadily expanded with products such as the Truck Mounted Forklifts, Tail Lifts, and the Access Platforms. With our Railway Systems and Bridge Inspection Units we are European technology and market leader in this high-tech sector. PALFINGER Marine is the global leading manufacturer of highly reliable, innovative and customised deck equipment and handling solutions for the maritime industries. The product portfolio includes cranes, lifesaving equipment, winches and handling equipment. A worldwide service network including the supply of spare parts ensures fast and professional onsite support. PALFINGER Marine operates in all major maritime segments, including Offshore, Marine, Cruise, Navy and Coast Guard, and Wind.

The PALFINGER Group is 56.6 per cent owned by the Palfinger family and SANY Germany GmbH owns 7.5 per cent of the shares. Free float is about 35.9 per cent.


Lifetime Excellence


LIFETIME EXCELLENCE is our promise. Our central message. The core of our brand. For our customers, it means uncompromising top performance. The most economical, reliable and innovative lifting solutions in a global network of professional service partners – for the lifetime of the product. Professionals need product solutions with excellent lifecycle performance. High resale value, shorter downtime and durable components result in outstanding cost balance – decisive reasons for our customers to invest in PALFINGER products. They know that, along with excellent performance, they are getting the most cost-effective and economical product solutions in the long term.




PALFINGER products offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. High productivity, ease of use, a close-knit service network as well as high resale value more than pay for the investment in a PALFINGER product over the period of its use. 


Premium quality and strength of the products, durable components and outstanding workmanship, dependable worldwide service as well as the company’s stability and strength make PALFINGER a reliable partner for professionals.  


PALFINGER is committed to leadership in innovation. In the past, trailblazing developments have revolutionised products  and, in future, intelligent system solutions and unique functionality from PALFINGER will also shape the industry and new product development.


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