Powering trucks electrically fundamentally changes their environment. PALFINGER takes the initiative and, together with its cooperation partners, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, is developing a module that can be used on all commercial vehicles — and to electrically power PALFINGER's entire product range.

Electromobility has arrived — and changes everything. This also applies to PALFINGER's product range. After all, the energy source that drives a commercial vehicle also powers its equipment. That is why the electric truck and all PALFINGER solutions need to be simple, efficient and able to operate anywhere. To achieve this and make the most of all the advantages of electric drives, PALFINGER, ZF and Mercedes-Benz Trucks have developed a solution based on the eWorX system, enabling every PALFINGER product to be installed and operated on an electric truck.


Following the rapidly increasing number of electric trucks, there is a demand for rapidly available practical solutions for PALFINGER truck-mounted equipment — waiting was not an option. As a technology leader and dedicated first mover, PALFINGER took the initiative. “The majority of truck manufacturers rely on high voltages between 400V and 800V, which can also be used to power the mounted equipment. This calls for specific know-how in working with high-voltage systems and the requisite equipment,” says Andreas Hille, Senior Vice President Global Product Line Management & Engineering at PALFINGER, outlining the situation at the start.


Five years ago, PALFINGER found the perfect partners for working together on this development: Mercedes-Benz Trucks and ZF Friedrichshafen AG, the world's leading supplier of commercial vehicle technology. “Together with ZF and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, we offer our customers a solution that is easy to install, operates reliably and combines all the advantages of electrification,” says Hille. This not only includes eliminating all CO2 emissions, but also means operating without any noise. Where noise pollution from conventional combustion engines previously caused a problem in inner cities, the ZF eWorX module enables work to be carried out even in densely inhabited areas. If need be, even at night.


The principle is simple: The traction battery on the electric truck provides electrical energy through an interface. The ZF eWorX system converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and handles communication between the PALFINGER lifting solution and the vehicle.


“Operating the PALFINGER equipment works the same as on conventional trucks: The energy for operating the hydraulic pump is provided by a mechanical power take-off. It's like plug and play,” confirms Hille, going on to say: “Since no separate energy storage is needed, accessing the vehicle's traction battery means a reduction in weight. But above all, ZF eWorX can be used on all electric trucks with a DC interface.” Based on the successful prototypes, the partners are launching the Mercedes-Benz eActros with a PALFINGER skip loader and the ZF eWorX system.


PALFINGER will be presenting the Mercedes-Benz eActros with a skip loader and module at the Bauma trade fair at PALFINGER stand N826. The eActros will also be on display at the Mercedes-Benz Trucks stand at the IFAT trade fair in Munich and the IAA in Hanover. Series production starts at the end of 2022 and, during the first phase, will focus on hooklifts and skip loaders.

À propos de PALFINGER AG

Depuis des années, PALFINGER (PDG Andreas Klauser) figure parmi les fabricants leaders, dans le monde, de solutions de levage innovantes embarquées sur véhicules utilitaires et dans le domaine maritime. En tant qu'entreprise internationale basée à Salzbourg, PALFINGER et ses 12 500 salariés ont réalisé en 2021 un chiffre d'affaires total d'environ 1 840,0 millions d'euros.

Le groupe dispose de sites de production et d’assemblage en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et du Sud ainsi qu'en Asie. L'innovation et la poursuite de l'internationalisation et de la flexibilisation des produits, prestations de services et processus constituent les piliers de la stratégie d'entreprise. Sur le marché mondial des grues de chargement hydrauliques, PALFINGER est réputé leader non seulement du marché mais aussi de la technologie. Avec plus de 5 000 points de distribution et de SAV dans plus de 130 pays sur tous les continents, PALFINGER est toujours à proximité du client.


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