PALFINGER Access Platforms

access Platform Highlights

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Convenient stabilizer system

The automatic support leveling feature from PALFINGER allows the vehicle to be stabilised fast and easily. The control buttons mounted on the right and left side at the rear of the vehicle allow the greatest possible view onto the set-up space, increasing safety.

Automatic levelling

The automatic leveling of the work platform saves time and ensures the maximum performance:

  • Ensures low-torsion installation
  • Best possible leveling for maximum performance
  • Shortens set-up time

Counter slewing system

Counter slewing system enables slewing within the mirror width of the chassis:

  • Allows operating in narrow areas
  • Space over the driver‘s cab is used optimally
  • Compact dimensions with high mobility

Graphic control panel

All functions can easily be operated by using the full colour control panel. A quick-to-understand, icon-based display intuitively guides the user through the menu.

Home function

The PALFINGER home function enables the access platform to be folded quickly and easily:

  • Machine moves automatically to transport position
  • Convenient and easy control
  • Time savings at work


Setting up a machine perfectly the access platform horizontally to reach the maximum working height and outreach. However, this is not always possible on slopes. Due to the positioning angle PALFINGER access platforms can work in
an inclined position:

  • Allows work on slopes and on uneven ground
  • Stabilizers and levelling are monitored
  • When set up in slanted position the platform‘s permissible inclination is up to 2° while the outreach is infinitely adjusted

KTL Coating

High value retention and excellent corrosion protection for the whole life of a platform. The KTL coating sets the foundation for a long lasting surface protection. The components are either coated in the powder-coating facility or are finished with a two-components-top-coating.

Memory function

The PALFINGER memory function stores the selected working position. From transport position to working position with just one button:

  • Time saving at working
  • Easy to use

Safety Plates

PALFINGER safety plates are perfectly designed for the requirements of an access platform and allow a safe placement on each underground. The rubberized undersurface ensures grip even in wet conditions:

  • Anti-slip coating
  • Milled slot for centering position of stabilisers
  • Smart design for optimum stackability
  • Part of our standard equipment

Signals at the stabilisers

All horizontally extendable stabilisers are equiped with flashing LED-signals when operating the outriggers/stabilisers:

  • Better visibility of the outriggers and stabilisers
  • Increased safety for users, pedestrians and traffic