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Three pillars of PALFINGER for the best service in access platforms

As a pioneer in the access platforms industry, we have always set trends in technology and we significantly shape the market with our developments. Our access platforms stand out thanks to their high level of productivity and performance, operating safety and value retention.

Excellent service is just as much a part of the PALFINGER promise of success to our customers as is quality in technology and production. Through our dense worldwide dealer and service network, we offer a comprehensive and professional access platform service that is exclusive to PALFINGER. It is through this that you keep the full functionality of your platform across its entire service life and always stay up to date with technology.

Your success is our incentive to continuously develop further. Through communicating with our customers, we succeed in matching products and services to market needs and in continuously improving them. You can also find our innovations in countless options and upgrades from our service offer.

Rapid, professional, unbureaucratic support for questions about customer service takes top priority for us. Flexible problem-solving and rapid implementation for the benefit of our customers are the major strengths of our highly qualified and experienced technology team.

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Our service contribution to your success stands on three pillars:

Spare parts

Spare parts service

The reliable spare parts service of PALFINGER Platforms ensures a quick and comprehensive supply of original spare parts worldwide for all owners of access platforms. With this you consistently benefit from the quality and performance of your machine under the most challenging conditions and are rewarded by the high level of durability, operating safety and constant availability of your platform.

Our team in the spare parts centre rapidly and expertly advises and serves the dealer and service network, regardless of which access platform they are dealing with. Our experienced employees are also familiar with older devices and can find the right original spare parts for your platform.

And if you are looking for something more affordable, ask your service partner about our inexpensive, refurbished spare parts.

Spare parts logistics

Quick delivery of the right spare parts to the sites where PALFINGER access platforms are used right across the world is essential for a smooth service. Therefore, professional spare parts logistics is naturally part of our programme for customer satisfaction.

Computer-supported storage analysis and an ultra-modern, fully automatic high-bay warehouse at our Löbau location in Upper Lusatia ensure that there are always more than 10,000 items available in the warehouse in a space of 2,100 m². We ensure quick and straightforward delivery of spare parts worldwide in cooperation with reputable transport service providers. Your local service partners then make sure that your access platform is restored to full function and availability as soon as possible.

Customer service


Throughout the entire service life of your PALFINGER access platform, you will receive a highly qualified and professional first-level service from our worldwide dealer and service network. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from your investment in a PALFINGER Platforms product and receive exceptional safety, availability, reliability and performance. The service staff of our authorised dealers are continuously trained to quickly and reliably solve customer requests on site with regard to the operation and maintenance of PALFINGER access platforms.

Qualified service partners on site

Training for beginners, at advanced levels or special training: we train around 100 people from more than 15 countries every year in our production facilities, at our training centre in Kasern, Austria or on site with your service partner. Regular refresher training ensures that our dealer and service network is always at the cutting edge of development.


Through close collaboration between your on-site service partner and our development and quality department, we create optimal second-level support for our customers. In addition to training, your service partner also constantly receives qualified support from our engineers and consultants at PALFINGER Platforms. This is carried out online, on the phone and through on-site visits in person.

Furthermore, your service partner continuously receives updated information about our products, services and the technologies used.

In doing so, we guarantee a comprehensive and qualified service across the entire service life of your access platform.

After Sales

Products and services

We place particular importance on product development in service. Through intensive shared contact with you and your service partners, we gain a detailed and up-to-date understanding of the market. Innovative products and services that set new benchmarks result from this interactive process.

As a manufacturer of access platforms, we also always offer you the correct accessories. Functional additions and software upgrades ensure that PALFINGER access platforms retain their value. Thanks to attractive accessory packages for special areas of application, you can increase the performance of your access platform and stay prepared for every challenge.

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