Working at PALFINGER

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At PALFINGER our employees are paramount. We put great emphasis on employee motivation and employee satisfaction. We offer our employees a variety of incentives to create a good balance of challenge and support.


PALFINGER's Employees are to the company as cylinders are to cranes and workman baskets are to access platforms.

Our employees are our company’s most valuable resource. Which is why we focus strongly on employee motivation, employee development and employee satisfaction. At PALFINGER we try to support our employees the best way possible, and thus create a good balance of support and challenge. Our employees are part of the PALFINGER family. They are able to identify with the company and put the PALFINGER values into practice.

Our company’s success is based on motivated and professional employees. For this reason we want to find the right employee for the right position so as to guarantee long-term success for our company. To ensure that our most valuable resource can also contribute their best to our success, we value a passion for top level performance, cost/benefit awareness, the courage for unusual ideas and opportunities, pragmatic action – with common sense, partnership and fairness, integrity and honesty, well-being and health, quality interactions, quality through continuous improvement, intercultural skills, openness to change and a balance between support and challenges. These elements reflect our PALFINGER values, “entrepreneurship, respect and learning”.

Thanks to our employees, we successfully develop cranes for lifting heavy loads, produce access platforms for cleaning facades and sell forklifts for moving goods.

PALFINGER - An attractiver Employer

PALFINGER is an innovative, flexible and international company ranking among the most attractive employers. The high employee satisfaction and motivation levels have a positive impact on our performance. 
Our personnel policy is defined by performance related remuneration, development opportunities, flexible working hours and also the health and well-being of our employees.


The foundation stone for a successful company is the continuous development of its employees. So PALFINGER deliberately focuses on employee development. 
Through numerous further training programmes, our employees have the opportunity of effectively developing their potential and contributing their skills as well as possible. 
As well as external development measures, PALFINGER also offers a wide variety of internal further training programmes. 

Worldwide we offer the Global Leadership Program which links participants’ individual development with our organisational development, on the basis of the PALFINGER corporate strategy, the PALFINGER values and the PALFINGER management principles. The GLP is an international management development programme which manages with different functions, tasks and contexts to participate in.

In Austria and Germany for example we offer the PALFINGER College (internal further training programme) and management development programmes. 

In North America employees have the opportunity of taking part in an external management programme, as well as expanding their skills and abilities in dealing with our products through the internally offered PALFINGER University Programme. For especially committed and qualified employees we offer a paid course of studies in parallel to regular working time.

Thus we are able to identify potential, develop managers and create specialist careers