PALFINGER Crawler Cranes Features

Product Features

Experience the product features of our PALFINGER Crawler Cranes

Workman Baskets

PALFINER workman baskets extend possible fields of application and transform the crane into an access platform. Rigid or swivelling (+/- 90°) workman baskets can optionally be used on the crane.

Pick & Carry / Carry with Load

Movement with lifted loads increase (or boost) the flexibility of the operating crawler crane enormously.

Loading and Unloading

For transport and crane use the crane module can be separated from crawler using its own stabilizers. No special permits are required for road transport. The crane module can also be used as a “stand-alone” piece of equipment.

Slewing and Stability

Optimum utilization of the stability by calculation of all centres of gravity moreover best utilization of the lifting capacity due to continuous geometry control including the extensions.

Additional Forks for Transport

Optional forks are available for transport. They are attachable to every stabilizer leg, besides both forks can be moved independently. The maximum load are 4.000 kg / 8.800 lb per side.

Container Shifting

Crawler and crane can be controlled, transported and operated separately, which is particularly useful in situations where weight restrictions apply. The crane module can also propel itself on its own stabilizer outriggers with or without the crawler – a process also known as "shifting". Shifting allows the system to be moved through extremely low and confined spaces and loaded into a container without the crawler.