PALFINGER Crawler Cranes Features

Product Features

Experience the product features of our PALFINGER Crawler Cranes

Loading and Unloading

For transport and crane use the crane module can be separated from crawler using its own stabilizers. No special permits are required for road transport. The crane module can also be used as a “stand-alone” piece of equipment.


The crawler chassis, powerful indoor drive with E unit, extensive reach and low space requirements all make this machine unique and perfectly suited to work in tight spaces or between obstacles.

Transport System

No special permits are required for road transport. The total weight of the PCC 57.002 (as shown in this video) is 19,8 t withouth jib, 21 t with jib and the counterweight is 5 t.

Telescopic Stabilizers

The telescopic stabilisers can be easily and conveniently operated by radio remote control. Single-lever operation allows the machine to be stabilised and levelled automatically at slope gradients of up to 8° and maximum lifting power. The H-shaped stabilisation frame ensures an ideal, stable standing position.

E-Power Pack

The crawler's electric unit (400V/32A) enables zero-emissions work, i.e. inside buildings, on undergrund construction sites or in urban settings, while preserving functionality.

PALcom P7 / P-Fold

The newly developed assistance system P-Fold makes child’s play of dismantling and assembling the crane. P-Fold and RTC (Rope Tension Control) – PALFINGER’S innovative rope tensioning device – complement each other perfectly. The set-up process is simplified and accelerated, a big plus especially for less experienced operators. This reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle, load and rope.

The radio remote control developed by PALFINGER ensures simple and safe operation and features a state-of-the-art ergonomic design and an intuitive menu with a central “PALdrive” control knob and large colour screen. This is a major benefit even for less experienced operators. The “intelligent” charging station with refresh function measures the charge state and ambient temperature and checks whether the system itself and the battery are operating properly. This ensures quick and economical charging and full battery capacity throughout the entire service life of the battery. The new PALcom P7 is also extremely efficient with long battery lives of up to 12 hours and stable radio connections thanks to frequency hopping.


Side-Shifting - i.e. moving the unit using the stabilizer outriggers - allows the crane to move over sensitive surfaces and obstacles without the crawler chassis touching the ground. By means of forward shifting even extremely low passageways can be navigated through without a crawler.

Container Shifting

Crawler and crane can be controlled, transported and operated separately, which is particularly useful in situations where weight restrictions apply. The crane module can also propel itself on its own stabilizer outriggers with or without the crawler – a process also known as "shifting". Shifting allows the system to be moved through extremely low and confined spaces and loaded into a container without the crawler.

Slewing and Stability

Optimum utilization of the stability by calculation of all centres of gravity moreover best utilization of the lifting capacity due to continuous geometry control including the extensions.

Pick & Carry / Carry with Load

Movement with lifted loads increase (or boost) the flexibility of the operating crawler crane enormously.

Additional Forks for Transport

Optional forks are available for transport. They are attachable to every stabilizer leg, besides both forks can be moved independently. The maximum load are 4.000 kg / 8.800 lb per side.

Workman Baskets

PALFINER workman baskets extend possible fields of application and transform the crane into an access platform. Rigid or swivelling (+/- 90°) workman baskets can optionally be used on the crane.

RTC (Rope Tension Control)

Automatic RTC makes light work of dismantling and assembling the crane and significantly reduces set-up times. This allows operators to focus on the set-up process without constantly having to reposition the rope, thereby reducing damage to the rope. Hook operation with fly jib and a pulled-through rope also increases efficiency because there is now no need to go through the laborious process of removing the rope.

SRC (Synchronised Rope Control)

SRC maintains a constant distance between the pulley head and hook block and ensures more efficient operation because loads can be traversed horizontally at a constant height and accurately at a specific angle. This makes load cycles much more efficient. For operators, this represents a major improvement in terms of comfort, ensuring that they can focus completely on controlling the crane. SRC also makes life easier for less experienced crane operators. The risk of damage to the rope and load is avoided, as is the risk of the lower block running onto the roller head.

AOS (Active Oscillation Suppression)

AOS is a patented system from PALFINGER that cancels out the vibrations and impacts that occur during crane operation. It prevents ‘overshoot’ caused by rapid deceleration or a change of load, making crane operation much safer for operators, loads and infrastructure.

Power Link Plus

Power Link Plus is the extendible knuckle boom from PALFINGER. The PCC series knuckle boom can be angled upwards by 10 to 15 degrees, offering versatility even in difficult conditions such as low passageways in buildings.

DPS‐C (Dual Power System Continuous)

The DPS enables greater efficiency in fly jib operation. DPS-C increases lifting power on the fly jib with fully and partially extended extension booms. The position of the extension booms and fly jib is calculated using variable length measurement, thereby optimizing performance across the entire range. This offers versatility because heavy-duty work with large outreaches is possible at any time.

Soft Stop

This function enhances comfort and safety because loads can be moved with even greater precision. Soft Stop is an electronic limit position damper that gently brakes crane movements before the limit position is reached. The crane can be controlled with greater sensitivity and precision, preventing jerky movements and load impacts.


The PCC is unbeatable on difficult terrain. Its mission begins right where the truck journey ends. Powerful, flexible and versatile, it takes on every challenge and inclines of up to 60%.