Oil and Gas

Mechanics Trucks For the oil and gas industry

PALFINGER Mechanics Trucks working in the oil and gas industry provide you with the most complete package for the service and support of oilfield equipment.  Our comprehensive crane body range is ideally suited for the oil and gas market, whether its a 9 foot body with an electric crane, or a 14 foot body with a heavy duty hydraulic crane.  PALFINGER manufactures service cranes with capacities from 3,200 to 14,000 lbs in both Electric | Hydraulic and Hydraulic configurations.  Because every PAL Pro Mechanics Truck Body is manufactured with durability in mind, and engineered to withstand the extreme off road environments, PALFINGER has the service truck package for your application.

Mechanics trucks play a big role on the work site.  With a PALFINGER crane and body package you will have the most comprehensive and durable package available.

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