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PALFINGER Personnel Basket

Innovative and Compact Aerial Solution for the Service Crane Industry

Product group:
up to 10,000 lbs

An innovactive and compact aerial solution designed to work with PALFINGER Service Cranes with a lifting capacity of 38,500 ft lbs. and higher.  Designed to compactly collapse and be stowed on the crane body's side pack, the Personnel Basket can be assemble din minutes and has a working height of up to 37'.  

With multiple patent pending features like the telescopic spine and folding floor, this is the only personnel basket in the industry that meets all your needs:

  • Light weight
  • Doesn't require load space or receiver hitch to stow
  • Permanent mounted crane adaptor that doesn't interfere with crane operation
  • Static 5,000 lb latch point for fall arrest protection on the crane
  • Minimal operator input for assembly
  • Optional tool boxes that attach to the basket
  • Triple locking adaptor-basket latch assembly for safety
  • Can be assembled and working in less than 10 minutes

....all while meeting OSHA 92.5 safety standards for aerial service applications.

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