Tail Lifts Customizable Programs

Customizable software programs


When transporting fragile goods with your truck and tail lift, you want to smoothly operate the platform to ground level to protect your load. With the PALFINGER SmoothTilting, your Tail Lift will perform a steady and precise movement to keep your fragile load safe. Check out this exciting PALFINGER Customizable Software Solution Link.



Are you transporting valuable goods with your truck and tail lift? With the PALFINGER SelfLock, your Tail Lift automatically locks when the driver leaves the range of operation keeping your valuable goods safe and secure. Check out this exciting PALFINGER Customizable Software Solution Link.



Working in a fast-moving environment with a retractable tail lift can sometimes be challenging. With the PALFINGER EasyMove, your Tail Lift will perform automatic slide and ground positioning in one step eliminating the risk of unintentional damages. Check out this exciting PALFINGER Customizable Software Solution Link.



Logistics business is fast. Do you have the optimum tail lift that helps you move your goods quickly? With the PALFINGER QuickDown, your Tail Lift will lower and open in one step making the access to your goods 30% quicker than a conventional Tail Lift. Check out this exciting PALFINGER Customizable Software Solution.


What is the purpose of a customised software programme?
A tail lift is basically a simple product. It should open, lower, lift and close. Of course, the goods should be moved safely so that the vehicle can be loaded and unloaded. 
But in fact, the requirements are sometimes so individual and special that a standard design is not sufficient or does not meet the user's expectations.  The tail lift has to be adapted more and more to the processes and needs of the respective company and driver. 
Solutions do not only serve to increase efficiency. Many software programmes support the driver in avoiding operating errors, or they provide improved safety or serve to implement local standards. 
In this way, very individual requirements/needs can be put into a software solution to make the user's everyday life efficient and safe. 


Which software programmes do we offer?
PALFINGER Tail Lifts has a repertoire of over one hundred different software programmes. From very simple to complex. In order to always be able to meet the latest requirements, a separate department at PALIFNGER Tail Lifts takes care of the interaction between control, sensor technology and software.
The most common software programmes were presented in short animations (link to Youtube playlist). Many of the programmes combine some functions that the driver would otherwise have to perform manually one after the other. For example, while opening the tail lift on a refrigerated vehicle, the roller shutter can be raised at the same time and vice versa, so that the cargo hold maintains its temperature as long as possible. The automatic extension of the hydraulic outriggers during the opening process or retraction during the closing of the tail lift has also become one of the most important programmes for our customers (this also prevents operating errors and ensures that the driver does not drive off with the outriggers extended). 
In addition to the standard applications, however, there are far more complex programmes that are linked to other software components such as GPS or cloud applications. 
- GeoFencing: The tail lift can only be opened in predefined GPS areas. Outside the defined area, the tail lift remains closed.
- ConnectedData: Accurate weight measurement of the goods on the platform with real-time data transfer via the cloud.
Feel free to approach your sales representative if a specially configured software solution would make your work easier.

Hardware requirements
The following components are involved in the interaction of the configurable programmes:
- Circuit board
- Sensors
- Depending on the configuration, external components such as camera systems, navigation devices, luggage lights, etc.

The installation of a specific software programme takes place:
1. at the factory with the delivery of a new platform
2. by means of the "e-link" diagnostic software
3. at a certified service partner

We charge a fee for the installation of a new software programme. Please contact your sales representative or write to us at: salesadmin@palfinger.com