1932 - 1964


The beginning of the story. Richard Palfinger establishes a small workshop for agricultural trailers, tippers and vehicle bodies.

Laying the foundations for a new era. After experience developing various special agricultural devices PALFINGER constructs its first crane.

Hubert Palfinger, Richard's son, introduces hydraulic truck-mounted loader cranes.

1968 - 1995


The first crane in serial production comes off the line. Switzerland and France are the first export countries.

Patents for hydraulic lifting moment regulation and cylinder arrangement on the boom extension system.

Patent for mast planting grab. PALFINGER is first to re-define the crane as a "multi-functional machine".

Construction of a new assembly plant at Kasern (Austria).

Patent for a hinged main boom. Finally - thanks to this innovation - even cranes with long outreach can be folded up and require very little space.

Patent for cable drum grab. Another useful add-on device for cranes.

Extension of the patent for the cylinder arrangement on the extension boom system, now covering several extension booms. This is still today the state-of-the-art solution in truck-mounted crane technology.

PALFINGER constructs underwater cranes for offshore drilling rigs, used for laying tubes.

Patents for compensated overload cut-off and trailing console.

Growth necessitates expansion. PALFINGER inaugurates a brand-new manufacturing and assembly site in Lengau (Austria).

The family grows. EPSILON Timber & Recycling, founded in 1980, joins the PALFINGER family and enriches the high-tech, innovative portfolio.

The export quota climbs over the 90 percent mark. PALFINGER is present in over 70 countries. And still counting.

PALFINGER establishes sales & service facility in Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada) for KBC product.

With the STEPA farm cranes, PALFINGER further extends its product portfolio.

Chainant Equipment Co., Ltd., APAC’s longest serving PALFINGER crane dealer today, becomes a PALFINGER dealer.

The sea beckons. PALFINGER manufactures its first marine crane in Köstendorf, Austria, before relocating the division to an independent plant in Croatia in 2000.

Special solutions by PALFINGER RAILWAY are used by railway companies for the first time.

Patents for sequence control (valve design type and “tube-in-tube”), upward swivelling outrigger and return oil utilization. Introduction of the PALtronic and return oil utilization on loading cranes.

Introduction of the electronic spare part catalogues PATIS and PAC, the software for configuration and stability calculations.


PALFINGER opens a strategically important production site in Europe in Maribor, Slovenia.

Wong Fong Industries, South East Asia’s largest PALFINGER dealer today, starts distributing PALFINGER products (sourced from T.C.J. Motor Public Co.,Ltd. In Thailand initially), switching over from HIAB.

1996 - 2007


The portfolio broadens. PALFINGER creates a new product group by manufacturing the first Palift hookloaders, a development project launched in 1994.

Innovation award for COSSAN, the computer-aided method to analyse and optimise welded structures. Award of the Province of Salzburg.

Introduction of PEC PALFINGER Equipment Center.

Patent for oscillation suppression system AOS (Active Oscillation Suppression System).

Market launch of the Truck Mounted Forklift.

Ringing the bell. PALFINGER lists on the stock exchange in June to gain access to the international capital market for accelerated growth.

PALFINGER takes over the French company Guima S.A., the world’s second largest manufacturer of hookloaders.

Patent for the hydraulic overload cut-off.

Inauguration of the new EPSILON plant at Elsbethen.

Truck-mounted forklift joins the PALFINGER product family in the region NAM.

PALFINGER's 100.000th crane is delivered.

The first MOBILER container transfer systems are produced by PALFINGER.

Introduction of POWER LINK PLUS, a top reverse linkage system developed by PALFINGER. It allows even the most difficult types of crane work on very limited space.

PALGATE tail lift is added to the constantly growing product portfolio.

Acquisition of Tiffin Loader Cranes and foundation of PALFINGER USA, Inc.

Takeover of the Brazilian company Madal S.A. and foundation of MADAL PALFINGER.

Introduction of the Performance crane series. The latest PALFINGER technology, functional design, the best possible ergonomics and the highest level of safety make the Performance cranes the leaders on the truck-mounted crane market.

RAP (Rapid Process) brings a major boost to the PALFINGER competitive position. Shortened and fixed delivery times for truck-mounted cranes off works become standard.

With ACCESS, access platforms made by PALFINGER are launched on the market for the first time.

Introduction of the KTL coating technology (cathodic deposition dip coating). New quality standards in terms of surface treatment are introduced.

Province of Salzburg Innovation Award for development of the innovative handling terminal (IUT) and for the PALFINGER MOBILER products.

PALFINGER takes over BISON, the German market leader for truck-mounted access platforms. The existing ACCESS products are integrated into the product portfolio of the new brand name BISON PALFINGER.

The crane series Advantage and Compact conquer the worldwide market for truck-mounted cranes.

The newly constructed spare-part center (ETC) guarantees worldwide supply for PALFINGER customers within 24 to 48 hours.

PALFINGER delivered the first wind cranes.

Acquisition of RATCLIFF. PALFINGER takes over the British market leader in the field of tail gates and access systems.

PALFINGER develops the Dual Power System (DPS) expanding the range of application for knuckle boom cranes with the fly jib system.

PALFINGER develops the new stability control solution ISC.

Palfinger Asia Pacific Pte Ltd was set up, overseeing dealer partners and business development in the APAC region.

PALFINGER Shen Zhen (PAS) was set up.

PALFINGER presents "High Performance", a new generation of cranes. It stands out for its innovative and functional design.

PALFINGER takes over the Croatian supplier PiR Metall d.o.o. and the MBB Liftsystems AG, one of the global leaders in the manufacture of tail gates.

PALFINGER acquires MBB Liftsystems and its US subsidiary Interlift Inc in NAM.

Since 2008


Because our planet matters. PALFINGER takes the first steps towards sustainable products by developing its first fully electric tail lift.

PALFINGER takes over the ELEVANT sector of WUMAG GmbH, one of the leading German manufacturers of truck-mounted access platforms.

PALFINGER takes over Omaha Standard Inc. – one of the market leaders in the US in the field of truck bodies and pick-up tail gates.

With the PK 50002-EH, PALFINGER presents its first model of the new High Performance large cranes.

Inauguration of the new hexagonal boom production at Lengau (Austria).

Palfinger Cranes India Pvt Ltd. was set up in October 2008.

Introduction of DPS-Plus, Single Link Plus and the Power Link cable winch for even more efficient truck-mounted crane operations.

PALFINGER took over Automated Waste Equipment, a US producer of container handling systems, thus becoming number two in this product division in the US.

EPSILON Timber & Recycling cranes join North American product offering.

LLC "Palfinger Crane Rus" was founded, the official distributor of PALFINGER in Russia and CIS countries.

Convenience and safety initiative according to EN 12999:2011. With the introduction of the new SH crane series, including the PALtronic 150, PALFINGER revolutionizes the truck-mounted crane technology.

PALFINGER acquired an 80-percent interest in access platform manufacturer ETI – a top player in the North American market. This was a major step for PALFINGER, as the Group had not been present in North America with access platforms before.

With the acquisition of a 75-percent interest in the Dutch company Ned-Deck Marine B.V. (ND M), PALFINGER entered the market of ship-mounted cranes.

PALFINGER expanded its marine portfolio with the acquisition of the marine and windmill crane business of Palfinger systems GmbH – the market leader in cranes for offshore wind energy plants. This acquisition made PALFINGER one of the leading suppliers of marine cranes.

The new stability safety system HPSC (= High Performance Stability Control) offers a maximum level of convenience and safety for truck-mounted crane operation. It is the most intelligent system on the market.

After obtaining the approval of the Russian anti-trust authority, PALFINGER acquired the leading Russian crane producer INMAN.

Another great milestone. The joint venture with SANY, the leading Chinese construction machine manufacturer, PALFINGER consolidates its position on the world market for the next decade.

PALFINGER strengthened its market presence in South America by reaching an agreement on the takeover of Tercek, a company developing electric-powered bus lifts – a growth segment in this promising market – under the brand name Líbero.

With the acquisition of the Norwegian Bergen Group Dreggen AS, PALFINGER took a major step forward in the growth of its marine business. The Dreggen cranes added tailor-made crane solutions for the shipbuilding, oil and gas industries to PALFINGER’s product portfolio, thus opening up new opportunities and markets.

The innovation continues. PALFINGER introduces the P-profile, a teardrop-shaped polygonal extension system, to serial production in its latest loader crane.

The first Russian PALFINGER loader crane was delivered.

Generational change within the Palfinger family: Ing. Hubert Palfinger is elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PALFINGER AG and Ing. Mag. Hannes Palfinger is elected Deputy Chairman.

The PALFINGER Group has been awarded the most significant contracts for its marine business in the total equivalent amount of approx. EUR 90 million. The signing of the contracts has just been announced by Palfinger Dreggen, a PALFINGER subsidiary specializing in offshore cranes.

With Palfinger Platforms Italy, PALFINGER entered the market for standardized access platforms mounted on smaller trucks.

Takeover of parts of the business of the Korean marine supplier MCT ENG.

PALFINGER expanded its portfolio for the shipping and offshore industries to include special systems for accessing and performing repairs and maintenance by acquiring majority holdings in Palfinger systems GmbH and the Arab Megarme Group.

PALFINGER reached a cross shareholding agreement with its Chinese partner SANY, with the aim of strengthening future cooperation.

PALFINGER acquired a majority interest in the Russian PM-Group Lifting Machine, an important supplier of cranes for timber and recycling, with the objective of achieving an even stronger presence in Russia.

PALFINGER Marine Korea office was set up in October 2013.

PALFINGER and KAMAZ create value with two joint ventures specializing in the production and distribution of truck bodies and hydraulic cylinders. With this transaction, local value creation was substantially expanded in the important Russian market.

The Lifting Machines Group - the largest manufacturer of timber and recycling cranes and hooklifts became part of PALFINGER.

PALFINGER signed an agreement on the acquisition of a 30 per cent share in HIDRO-GRUBERT, a producer of access platforms, loader cranes and truck bodies.

PALFINGER closes acquisition of Russian PM-Group and is now with its brands Velmash and Solombalsky a major supplier of timber and recycling cranes, loader cranes and hooklifts in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Shanghai calling. PALFINGER opens its newest plant in Rudong, built in record time, primarily for the production of loader cranes for the Sany PALFINGER joint venture.

To complete its product portfolio in the marine business, PALFINGER took over Norwegian Deck Machinery AS, a manufacturer of special winches for the marine and offshore industry. This participation gives PALFINGER access to customer groups that have so far not been addressed.

At the beginning of autumn, the new global headquarters of the PALFINGER Group in Bergheim near Salzburg, Austria, was inaugurated. For the first time, all central departments are now housed under one roof.

Adoption of the environmental protection guideline for the Group. The new guideline for environmental protection imposed uniform standards for environmental management at all PALFINGER sites.

A new loader cranes' production facility is built in Ishimbay.

Palfinger Lifting Technology (Nantong) Co. Ltd (PAN) was set up.


In the second quarter, PALFINGER acquired a majority interest in its longstanding dealer MYCSA on the Iberian Peninsula and has continued the business at six locations.

PALFINGER acquired Harding, one of the leading suppliers of lifesaving equipment and lifecycle services for maritime installations and ships. The largest acquisition carried out in the history of PALFINGER will almost double the volume of its marine business.

The expansion of the marine business led to a change in segment reporting. Starting with the third quarter of 2016, the performance figures of PALFINGER are being broken down into segments LAND and SEA. The HOLDING unit maps the Group's administration and strategic projects for the future.

PALFINGER set itself new goals in HR, consider the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals as well.

Palfinger Japan k.k. was set up in March 2016.

The first Russian PALFINGER timber crane is delivered.


The previous owner of PALFINGER's Danish dealer decided to focus on its core business. PALFINGER acquired the shares in the company, taking over all of the staff and continuing the business.

PALFINGER hosted a hackathon in Vienna, the largest one held in Austria to date. Open innovation means developing innovative concepts in cooperation with external talents.

PALFINGER opened an interactive exhibition in Lengau (Austria), putting the spotlight on its brand promise with state-of-the-art technology. The exhibition also features the new delivery centre for complete vehicles.

Central and Eastern Europe's largest business incubator was opened in Vienna. PALFINGER is represented as a partner company at its new development site for IoT solutions, which is designed primarily to profit from cooperation with start-ups.

The strategic corporate planning up to 2022 was confirmed by the Management Board. Together with a new vision for the digital age and groupwide development programs, it points the way for the years to come.

Felix Strohbichler joins the PALFINGER Executive Board. In October 2017, he is appointed CFO and from now on responsible for Controlling, Accounting, Taxes, Treasury, Legal, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance, Sales & Operations Planning, Process and Quality Management as well as Information and Communications Technology.

Palfinger Lifting Technology (Nantong) Co. Ltd and PALFINGER Shen Zhen merge to form Palfinger Equipment (Nantong) Co. Ltd (PEN).

PALFINGER Marine Korea was re-established as Palfinger Korea Co., Ltd. for the land business in July 2017.

PALFINGER Asia Pacific / Harding / Noreq amalgamation in Singapore, in relation to the merger between PALFINGER and Harding Safety globally in Dec 2017 for the Marine business.

The first Russian PALFINGER access platform is delivered.

First unit of PALFINGER’s largest loader crane in Asia, PK 200002 SH, was sold in Singapore.

At the beginning of June, Andreas Klauser was appointed to the new CEO of PALFINGER AG, thus completing the management team.


The GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION (GPO) was implemented in January 2019. This organization supports a new form of collaboration across all units, promotes internal communication, and utilizes internal synergies.

PALFINGER, together with VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH and the ANGST GROUP, founded a joint venture for digital bridge inspection called PALFINGER Structural Inspection GmbH (STRUCINSPECT) in Vienna (Austria). Through its majority shareholding in the digital inspection technology, PALFINGER has revolutionized inspections of bridges and building structures.

PALFINGER acquires Hidro-Grubert. HG becomes Hidro-Grubert A PALFINGER Company.


Digitalization marches on. PALFINGER Connected introduces telematics to the Paldesk platform – Fleet Monitor, Operator Monitor and Service Cockpit make PALFINGER’s customers’ lives easier.

In order to stay close to customers, partners and dealerships around the world despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the first edition of the PALFINGER World Tour (a digital event) takes place in October with the tagline “Challenge Accepted”. It was a proven success.

The Smart Eye makes it possible. PALFINGER and WIFI International are setting standards. For the first time in China, apprentices can take their Austrian apprenticeship exam finals - both digitally and live.

In November the contract is signed sealing the takeover of PALFINGER’s second-largest sales partner worldwide, the Swedish company HINZ Försäljnings AB. PALFINGER therefore secures the company’s excellent sales and service structures as well as essential contacts with customers, partners and industry.

In December work begins on building the new PALFINGER Campus in Lengau. This is the first step toward implementing an extensive investment program of site enhancement, greening, and digitalization totaling approximately EUR 40 million.

PALFINGER Epsilon launches the first customized Korea recycling crane in November 2020.


PALFINGER is implementing the largest investment package in its corporate history, amounting to around EUR 120 million. The focus is on the expansion of research and development centers as well as training and further education.

PALFINGER took over EQUIPDRAULIC in Barcelona. This acquisition strengthens PALFINGER Iberica's position in the Spanish market and, above all, in Catalonia, a strong industrial region.

PALFINGER's Ølve site becomes independent following a management buy-out and in future will focus on special products for niches and Norwegian aquafarming. PALFINGER continues to utilize Ølve's infrastructure, know-how and capacities.

Smart Control from PALFINGER. With its intelligent crane tip control, PALFINGER is once again innovation leader: Smart Control makes working with the crane even more efficient by intuitively controlling the crane tip. The intelligent system gives crane operators more freedom for more complex lifting operations.

First unit of PALFINGER’s largest access platform in Asia, P 1000, was sold in Taiwan.

PALFINGER Korea establishes a Service and Spare Parts Centre in Hwaseong in November 2021.

PALFINGER Japan commenced operations at independent warehouse and testing facility in Ibaraki, Japan.

Palfinger Taiwan Co., Ltd is set up.

PALFINGER is shaping the way industry evolves. With around 8,700 views to the livestream and over 11,100 registrations, the second edition of the PALFINGER World Tour also met with great interest. Users from over 70 nations participated.

PALFINGER and SANY HEAVY INDUSTRIES signed an agreement on the reversal of the cross-shareholding. This substantially increases PALFINGER’s strategic scope.

PALFINGER represent a new record in PALFINGER’s corporate history in terms of revenue and earnings.

Establishment of Palfinger Neptune joint venture.


PALFINGER celebrates its 90th birthday and is starting the next chapter in its corporate history with the Vision & Strategy 2030. This transformation process sees PALFINGER actively aligning its corporate strategy with the future and driving forward sustainable changes. That’s because in view of the global challenges, watching and waiting is not an alternative for a global company.

As part of its Vision & Strategy 2030, PALFINGER is also reorganizing its research and development infrastructure. The significantly expanded Köstendorf site will become a global technology center and a prime example of the "Future Way of Work".

With GENERATION 3, PALFINGER EPSILON is presenting a new generation of cranes for timber transport. The optimized steel structure makes the cranes even stronger while maintaining the same weight as well as increasing both reach and service life.

PALFINGER is taking the initiative when it comes to e-mobility and is presenting its new eDRIVE technology at bauma in Munich. It enables the energy-efficient and emission-free operation of loader cranes. When using eDRIVE, operators can choose between a Li-ion battery pack, the power grid and the vehicle engine as drive options and switch over with just the push of a button.

In addition, PALFINGER is working with its cooperation partners, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, to develop a solution based on the eWorX system enabling every PALFINGER product to be installed and operated on an electric truck.

PALFINGER invests in a new eCommerce shop and the optimization of spare parts logistics. The shop as well as the opening of another spare parts warehouse in Germany ensure even greater customer focus in the EMEA region.

With "The HUB Vienna" at the Austria Campus in Vienna, PALFINGER is creating a new location and open space for innovation, development and cooperation in an international environment. 

PALFINGER revolutionizes the world of truck-mounted forklifts. The all-new FHS Series is tailored to the needs of our customers and partners in North America, and available in four configurations.

At EUR 2.23 billion, PALFINGER achieves another record revenue in the company's history.


With the opening of the PALFINGER Campus in Lengau (Austria), PALFINGER creates a state-of-the-art education and training center for existing and future employees at its largest production site. Apprentices will benefit from practical and varied training that offers a wide range of opportunities, from apprenticeship plus high school diploma to visiting PALFINGER locations all over the world.

Also in Lengau, the expanded PALFINGER World offers a leading-edge brand and product experience. Customers, partners and visitors can discover the products and solutions for themselves as well as get further insight into PALFINGER's manufacturing expertise.

PALFINGER presents its new TEC series developed in close cooperation with selected customers and operators. Thanks to the perfect combination of hardware and software, the new TEC cranes represent the technological spearhead of the technology and mechanical engineering company.

PALFINGER opens its new North American headquarters, which features a state-of-the-art facility with an integrated demonstration and training center. From Schaumburg, Illinois, PALFINGER will strengthen its presence in its second biggest market significantly.

Alexander Susanek is appointed new PALFINGER COO by the Supervisory Board. Since July 2023, he drives forward PALFINGER's ongoing transformation process together with the entire executive board. His responsibilities include Operations, Product Line Management, Research & Development, Procurement, as well as Supply Chain Management.

Together with Aker BP and Optilift, PALFINGER reaches a milestone in its commitment to revolutionize the maritime industry digitally, especially offshore cranes. The project will significantly change the future of handling cargo.

In terms of revenue, PALFINGER once again achieves a record. Despite persistent inflation, high interest rates and a rapidly deteriorating economic environment, especially in EMEA, PALFINGER achieves its most successful financial year with record sales of EUR 2.45 billion, record EBIT of EUR 210.2 million and the highest EBIT margin since 2008.


As Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Maria Koller takes over HR and Legal Affairs in January 2024. Together with the entire executive board, she will drive forward the company's positioning as a future-oriented, attractive employer

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