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EPSILON loaders by PALFINGER are the most durable, agile, and operator friendly truck and trailer mounted loaders in North America.

EPSILON loaders deliver impressive performance in logging, tree care, pole handling, bulk waste collection, storm debris removal, and railroad applications. Our full line of grapple loaders are available in three different boom styles: A-Line, L-Line, and Z-line, and in a diverse range of configurations.

Every EPSILON loader is designed for ease of use, comfort, precision, and maximum speed on the job. Standard features such as EPSCOPE, EPSLINK, and KTL ensure maximum durability and reliability for the lifetime of the loader. By investing in PALFINGER you are selecting well-established loaders, a trusted global brand, and a reliable partner.

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Fast loaders with precise control Fast movement with precise control

Fast movement with precise control

EPSILON loaders provide fast and constant operation speeds even at higher lifting capacities. Speed and precision is achieved through innovative extension and linkage systems, and precise hydraulic controls.

Exceptionally strong and durable loaders Exceptional strength & durability

Exceptional strength & durability

EPSILON loaders are built from high-tensile steel for strength and are KTL coated to prevent corrosion. Extension components and hoses are internally routed to prevent damage while remaining service friendly.

Loaders with superior operator comfort Superior operator comfort

Superior operator comfort

EPSILON loaders are built to maximize operator comfort with ergonomic command centers, optional cold weather packages, and available EPSHOOD for protection against sun, wind, rain, and snow.

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EPSILON loaders increase productivity and efficiency in the toughest of job site conditions. From self loading log trucks to bulk waste grapple trucks, EPSILON loaders are a reliable partner to overcome challenges in the field.

EPSILON A-Frame Loaders
EPSCOPE protection
EPSLINK protection
Double extension loaders

Reach farther than ever before

EPSILON loaders provide unparalleled reach for quicker loading and unloading of materials. Our double extension A-frame loader features a maximum outreach of up to 32 feet for the ultimate capability. Whether moving logs or loading storm debris, we have you covered!
EPSCOPE protection

Load trees & scrap with confidence

Every EPSILON loader features EPSCOPE to protect the boom from damage on the job site. Extension components are located inside the boom for maximum protection and are easily serviced by removing the protective cover.
EPSLINK protection

Safely grab branches, bushes, or debris

Every EPSILON loader features EPSLINK to protect the link/rotator from breakage from timber/refuse or from being stowed on the load. EPSLINK provides maximum protection and maneuverability through internal hose routing. Rest assured you can handle material with confidence!
A-Line | The next generation

A-Frame grapple loaders

The EPSILON A-Line takes a standard, market-proven and time-tested design to the next level, giving you superior efficiency and comfort on the job with its first in class weight to-lift ratio and unrivaled Comfort Drive operating system.

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EPSILON A-Frame Loaders
L-Line | The versatile all-rounder

H-Frame grapple loaders

The L-Line series provides a diverse range of configurations to offer customized solutions for any task. Built to maximize speed, productivity, and stability, the L-Line is a perfect choice for applications where the boom can stow in the body.

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EPSILON L-Line Loaders
Z-Line | The time saver

Compact folding grapple loaders

Our Z-Line system allows the operator to safely fold and stow the loader during transport without having to disconnect the grapple. A design of the future, this style is a significant time saver with many available configurations.

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EPSILON Z-Line Loaders
Arbor Masters

The most capable loader for your truck

“Our PALFINGER EPSILON loader provides the capacity, speed and reliability our customers demand, while giving our operators the features, comfort and functionality not found on other loaders.” - Ron Keith | Arbor Masters

Work ready grapple trucks for sale

PALFINGER distributors keep an inventory of work ready grapple trucks equipped with EPSILON loaders. Whether you are looking for a self loading log truck or a bulk waste grapple truck, our nationwide distributor network is ready to support your business. Find your next grapple truck for sale at a PALFINGER distributor near you.

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Nationwide sales & service network

At PALFINGER, we recognize the high value of after the sale service and support. That’s why we have dedicated distribution partners conveniently located across the United States. Our ever-expanding distribution network is always there for you to serve your product requirements.

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