PALFINGER makes more out of it

Because PALFINGER thinks in terms of solutions, the design and development of the cranes always ensures that they offer the exact solution for every application. Numerous options make the crane arms a universal transformer that can adapt to the respective requirements quickly and easily. For this purpose, there are various coordinated attachment and setup options available. You can use this additional equipment for a range of tasks including earth drilling work, moving panes of glass using a vacuum lifting device or accessing hard-to-reach areas with a workman basket.
In addition to the high-quality hardware, PALFINGER has also developed intelligent software solutions that can also be used to expand the range of applications, for example by expanding the range of movement or increasing the payload.

In addition, various programs also provide additional safety and user-friendliness, such as vibration damping systems or the P-Fold assistance system, which reduces set-up time to a minimum. To ensure that you remain as flexible as possible, some of these software solutions can also be used by hour.

The innovative software applications of PALFINGER:

  • AOS
  • ADD
  • UMSCH 2
  • FPM
  • TOOL
  • MFA

PALFINGER - your partner for all applications

To make sure that your crane is optimally equipped for every job, PALFINGER has designed a sophisticated complete system comprising crane, truck, subframe, hydraulics and electronics. Because powerful lifting solutions with maximum safety are a promise at PALFINGER. You will also find a wide range of equipment for cultivation and construction - all from a single source, with the usual availability and service quality of PALFINGER. In addition, you can be sure that all components are perfectly matched.

We vividly put together the numerous possibilities in the adjacent video.

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Loads securely covered

The PALCOVER system has been specially developed for covering roller containers quickly, easily and securely. 
An ingenious retraction and extension system located directly behind the cab moves the tarpaulin to a height of 5.5 metres mechanically or via remote control. From there, the operator can easily, safely and securely pull the robust cover tarpaulin over the roller containers from the ground using a rope. This system means that the cover can be used for a whole range of different container lengths and sizes. Once the tarpaulin has been pulled over the container, it is fixed in place at the rear of the container before the retraction mechanism moves back down, ensuring that the tarpaulin is optimally tensioned. Finally, the tarpaulin is fixed in place at the sides using the attached fixtures so that the load is ready for safe transportation. On empty journeys, PALCOVER is almost completely invisible because it automatically lowers to below the cab.

Two PALCOVER system variants are available:

  • PALCOVER H-M is the mechanical retraction and extension system. It is operated using a mechanical extension system and not only enables easy control, but also allows the tarpaulin to be retracted flexibly and autonomously.
  • The PALCOVER H-E retraction and extension system is operated by radio remote control, allowing the tarpaulin cover to be rolled in and out effortlessly by means of an electric motor and a reliable, easy-to-use controller.

The accompanying user video shows just how easy and safe the PALCOVER system is to use.

Fall Protection Mode

Fall protection on the crane

Loader cranes are designed to lift loads, not transport people, which is why PALFINGER has developed a unique solution for locations without stationary safety measures: fall protection on the crane. Thanks to the crane, workers at height can be protected wherever conventional safety measures in exposed areas cannot be put in place.

The innovative Fall Protection Mode (FPM) transforms the loader crane into an effective fall protection system, and its entire functionality is specially adapted to fulfil this purpose exclusively. A fall arrester is attached to the crane hook, and the worker is secured with a belt harness. In this mode, automatic functions for standard crane operation are no longer available.
All cranes featuring Fall Protection Mode are specially labelled with a sticker on the crane base control stand. 
FPM enables safe working at dangerous heights. Not only is the worker secured, but active Fall Protection Mode also automatically reduces the speed of crane movements.
Fall Protection Mode helps you to save both time and money.
The system has been accepted by D-A-CH-S, an international group of experts, and approved by the German employers’ liability insurance association, This special form of fall protection is therefore expressly permitted.
And what’s more, as currently the only company in the loader cranes sector to offer FPM, PALFINGER is a pioneer in its field.

The accompanying video demonstrates how Fall Protection Mode (FPM) works.

GFRP baskets for access platforms

Baskets completely ready for use

The entire PALFINGER workman basket system is innovative and unique. Kits have now been created specifically for GFRP baskets in the Light and Premium classes that enable the plastic workman baskets to be delivered even more quickly and at an even more attractive price. Until now, all components had to be individually identified to ensure that the right spare parts were delivered. But with the kits, you can now receive the components you need quickly and at an attractive package price simply by stating a single item number. PALFINGER fully pre-assembles and delivers the basket, including the rear lighting, signs and hazard markings, helping you to save both time and money.
All GFRP baskets can be used up to a voltage of 1000 V.



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Mounting Accessories

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