Lorry crane solutions for Landscaping 

PALFINGER offers one-stop solutions to landscaping segment customers via our truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes with the possibility to use several localized attachments for your working needs. Common attachments used by our customers include a workman basket, a hook attachment with sling, and a grapple saw.

Before truck-mounted loader cranes entered the segment, landscaping solutions were initially handled by workers physically climbing and manually cutting the trees. Tree-cutting was then performed on aerial work platforms (AWPs), and is still done using this in many countries today. 

However, there is a limit on the lifting capacity of access platforms, and these often require a second machine to load the fallen branches and leaves. Market feedback required lifting equipment with larger capacity and higher/longer outreach. Hence the entrance of truck-mounted loader cranes into this segment, utilizing a workman basket and a grapple saw for tree prunning and cutting.

Another landscaping activity, tree transplantation, requires a lifting equipment capable of handling the load of the entire tree, clearly pointing towards the superiority of using a truck-mounted loader crane.



Access Platforms

  • Suitable for large trees where high outreach is needed
  • Safely cut tree branches with a chainsaw 
  • Able to work on slopes

Workman Basket

  • EN 280 certified or locally-fabricated workman basket
  • Able interchange with other attachments at working site

Hook with Sling

  • Used in tree transplantation
  • Stable movement of crane tip and secured load enables precise moments to prevent damage to trees
  • Can also be used to haul large sections of tree bark after chopping a tree


Maximizing lifting power of the fly-jib available when crane’s extension booms are not fully extended.


  Inner hoses (TEC - Series)

Hoses are routed inside the extention boom system, preventing any accidental damage from entangled tree branches during the cutting and loading process.



  Additional hoses

On extension booms, the hoses enable additional functionality on equipment attached . (e.g. rotary grabs)

Additional hose equipment on Fly -Jib  enables the use of further equipments attached (e.g. grapple saw, workman basket)



HS1/HS2 - Slewing limitations to ensure safety while working on roads


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Landscaping - Tree Cutting Application

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