PALFINGER Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes Highlights

Experience the highlights of our PALFINGER Crawler Cranes

Can be separated for transport and crane use

  • crane module can be separated from crawler using its own stabilizers
  • weight of crane module ≈ 25 t (PCC 115002 with jib and cable winch)
  • weight of crawler module ≈ 10 t (PCC 115002 with full tanks)
  • no special permits required for road transport
  • crane module can also be used as a ‘stand-alone’ piece of equipment
  • the separability is electronically monitored but can also be blocked by means of a key-operated switch

Compact dimensions

  • small passage width (1.9–2.1 m)
  • low passage height (with crawler 2.8–3.66 m / without crawler 2.1–2.36 m)
  • short length (5.9–7.45 m)

Crane module can be used on the crawler and on a truck

  • Increased utilization due to multiple usability
  • Use on truck, crawler or stationary with and without Power Pack
  • Can be used without special road permit on trucks thanks to compact design and well balanced dead weight
  • Easy connection and disconnection of the crane unit from the respective carrier vehicles

Good all-terrain mobility

  • good ground clearance (200–275 mm)
  • climbing capability up to 60%
  • ramp angle at front and rear 17°

Heavy-duty all-terrain stabilizers

  • slope gradients of up to 8° can be compensated for (levelled out) while maintaining 100% lifting capacity
  • crane can be loaded onto a truck using its own stabilizers
  • optimum lifting capacity using continuous monitored lateral and longitudinal outriggers

Optimum indoor application

  • thanks to separate E-power pack
  • thanks to screw-on floor protectors (plastic plates)

Possible crane applications

  • 360° stability at 100% lifting capacity
  • winch concept adapted to the crane size (e.g. PK 115.002 with 3.5-metric-ton winch and from 1 to 4 falls)
  • load can also be moved with the boom system in addition to the cable winch (telescoping out and in, lifting and lowering)
  • “Pick and carry” mode possible

High degree of manoeuvrability

  • by turning the crawler chassis on the stand
  • by longitudinal and lateral shifting / with and without crawler
  • by excellent precision control ability

Turnkey unit

  • everything from a single source
  • reduction in communication interfaces because the complete unit is supplied directly ex-works
  • training and handover in the factory