PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts

Strong Arguments

Explore the highlights of PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts

Box mounted

Box-mounted (BM) truck-mounted forklifts are stowed in a box on the carrier vehicle during transportation and are ready to use in less than 30 seconds anywhere and at any time. The remote controlled truck-mounted forklift features an impressive design that is revolutionary and functional.

Centre seat

PALFINGER truck-mounted forklifts feature a seat installed in the centre of the vehicle. As the only truck-mounted forklift worldwide, this provides the operator with the best possible visibility and offers both safety and comfort.


팔핑거는 180° 조향각을 가진 우수한 제조업체로서, 트럭 장착형 지게차는 최적의 기동성을 제공합니다. 따라서 도시지역이나 기타 제한된 작업 영역에서도 신속하고 안전하게 작업하기에 적합합니다.