PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts

Strong Arguments

Explore the highlights of PALFINGER Truck Mounted Forklifts

Powerful Drive Trains

PALFINGER's FLC series offers the most powerful drive trains in Truck Mounted Forklifts available on the market. High-torque diesel engines are combined perfectly with hydrostatic drive systems and wheel motors. Additionally, these high-performance engines meet stage 5 EU-emission requirements.

Box mounted

Box-mounted (BM) truck-mounted forklifts are stowed in a box on the carrier vehicle during transportation and are ready to use in less than 30 seconds anywhere and at any time. The remote controlled truck-mounted forklift features an impressive design that is revolutionary and functional.

4 W / 4 Way

With the PALFINGER 4 Way system, manoeuvrability is possible in the tightest of spaces. Done easily by swiveling the wheels by 90 ° using the ergonomically- arranged control lever, exceptionally long loads can be effortlessly maneuvered through narrow entrances and doorways. Unloading in narrrow lanes or roads is also easily achieved.

Centre seat

PALFINGER truck mounted forklifts feature a seat installed in the centre of the vehicle. As the only truck mounted forklift worldwide, this provides the operator with the best possible visibility and offers both safety and comfort.

Ergonomic Controls

With ergonomically-designed controls , PALFINGER offers operators the best possible comfort and control. All functions are reachable with just one hand: comfortably and easily, minimising driver fatigue. Easy-to-understand decals also provide higher safety in operation.


As the only manufacturer offering a 180° steering angle, truck-mounted forklifts from PALFINGER feature optimum manoeuvrability. This flexibility means our customers can work quickly and safely even in urban areas and other confined handling areas. 

Corrosion Protection

PALFINGER implements a cathodic immersion primer in combination with a powder coating concept in the steel construction of the forklift trucks. Additionally, susceptible parts are perfectly rounded and well crafted so that rust simply does not stand a chance. In addition to their attractive appearance, plastic moulded covers enhance protection of the forklift components.

Silent Pack

With the PALFINGER silent pack you can transport your loads even more silently and exactly where required.