PALFINGER Loader Cranes


The Brain of the Crane

Product Features

With the PALTRONIC, PALFINGER offers the latest control electronics for the series production crane. Different systems are available depending on the series and the range of functions. The most important safety and comfort functions include such as overload protection and different variations of the stability control system HPSC and High Power Lifting System HPLS.

How it works

The PALTRONIC controls and monitors the crane.
1. Pressure sensors on the cylinders send the capacity information of the crane to the PALTRONIC system.
2. Position sensors send information on the position of the boom system, the slewing gear or the stabilizer support to the PALTRONIC system. Based on the incoming signals, the PALTRONIC system decides on deactivating or activating systems.



  • Direct communication with the crane. Display of the utilization and overload directly on the operator's handset
  • Full concentration on load handling through continuous monitoring of the crane

Maintenance and Service-Friendliness

  • Quick and easy troubleshooting through permanent status read-out on the display panel
  • Recording of the crane status
  • Quick and uncomplicated programming


Maximum Reliability

  • Tried and tested, proven technology
  • Flawless coordination of the entire electronics structure from sensor system to software
  • High resistance to vibrations and temperature fluctuations

Safe Crane Operation

  • Protection of the crane and its attachments against overloading
  • Monitoring of the stability depending on the boom position and support situation