PALFINGER Loader Cranes


Perfectly set up with a fingertip movement

Product Features

P-Fold is a comfortable PALFINGER assistance system. It makes folding and unfolding an easy job for the operator. The P-Fold system works in combination with the innovative RTC (Rope Tension Control). Both systems perfectly support the crane’s set-up processes and thus reduce set-up times to a minimum. The operator will be guided safe and clearly thanks to the intuitive menu navigation of the PALcom P7 – a major benefit also for inexperienced operators. In addition to the significant increase in operator comfort, the prevention of damage on vehicle, load and rope is another important point.

How It Works

1. Unfolding with a Fingertip Movement

After P-Fold is activated, the crane is set in motion by moving just one control lever. The intelligent control-system coordinates all the crane movements and fly jib movements until a defined working position is reached. In combination with RTC, the winch will also be controlled fully automatically by P-Fold.

2. Folding with a Fingertip Movement

After the job is finished, the crane can be folded from any working position. P-Fold again coordinates all crane movements including the fly jib functions. The operator controls the innovative system with just one control lever until the crane has reached its final transport position


Efficiency in Use

  • Time saving through automated folding and unfolding of the crane

Operator friendly

  • Easy and intuitive operation thanks to the PALcom P7 radio remote control
  • Higher comfort through automated folding and unfolding of the crane

Safe Crane Operation

  • Prevention of damage to vehicle or crane during folding and unfolding