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SLD – SOLID range

With the SLD-range, PALFINGER offers cranes with excellent lifting capacity for easy, everyday operations, such as unloading of palettes on construction site or grapple application with bulk material. Visually, crane models of the SLD-range can be recognized by the boom system with conventional hexagonal profile. Selected features, focusing on the specific application, complement the standard features, e.g HPSC-Plus LOAD or a radio remote control.

Crane models of the SLD-range are available in a Non-CE or CE version. Currently, the model lines SLD 1, 3 and 5 are offered.

  • SLD 1 (Non-CE) : Basic version without overload protection (OSK optional)
  • SLD 3 (Non-CE) : PALTRONIC 40, M-HPLS, manual control
  • SLD 3 (CE/Non-CE): PALTRONIC 40, manual control (Radio Remote Control optional)
  • SLD 5 (CE/Non-CE): PALTRONIC 40, A-HPLS, radio remote control and LS control valve

Selected features are optionally available:

  • HPSC-Plus LOAD
PALFINGER premium range - maximum performance


The TEC-range offers powerful crane models for complex, specialized operations such as lifting jobs in great height or installation work with heavy loads. A visible feature is the polygonal P-Profile, which makes the boom extension system especially rigid and lightweight. In addition, the extension system of TEC-cranes is low in maintenance. For a customer optimized solution, the full range of comfort functions and assistance systems is available optionally. The whole TEC-range is equipped with a double linkage system system and functional design.

Crane models of the TEC-range are available in the model lines TEC 5 and TEC 7.

  • TEC 5: PALTRONIC 150 with opt. displays, S-HPLS, HPSC, radio remote control Scanreco P3
  • TEC 7: PALTRONIC 150, S-HPLS, HPSC, radio remote control PALcom P7

TEC-cranes can be optionally equipped with a range of comfort functions and assistance systems:

  • Remote controlled stabilizers
  • AOS
  • P-Fold
  • DPS-Plus oder DPS-C
  • SRC and RTC
  • FPM

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