PALFINGER Segments and Markets

Customer segments and markets

Today’s working world is more diverse than ever. Year-long insights into the daily work of our customers have taught us one thing: every market is unique and every application is challenging. User requirements are highly individual and there’s no “one-size-fits-all”. As industry leaders, we sure do know how to build outstanding products. How to combine expert knowledge with passion. But this knowledge is primarily based on understanding what our customers need. Profound know-how of diverse segments makes our products stand out from the rest. At PALFINGER, we pride ourselves on not just selling products. Instead, we create solutions together with our customers and partners in the market.

Bespoke solutions for your needs

We don’t want to work on stand-alone products. Instead, we want to learn together with you. To deeply understand your work so that we can offer a bespoke equipment package for your particular needs.

In addition to making your work more efficient in terms of costs and time, our portfolio also offers uncompromising product quality. No matter what PALFINGER solution you choose, all of our machines offer maximum reliability and safety for operators and environment. Thanks to compact dimensions and weight optimization, they can easily be integrated into your work routines. What’s more, advanced assistance systems and a dense service network offer highest user comfort and make PALFINGER products the No 1 industry choice for many of the following segments.


Modern construction sites come with high demands. No matter if you work in structural or civil engineering, masonry or road construction – our cranes, hook- and skiploaders, truck mounted forklifts and tail lifts offer high-quality solutions for your work requirements.

Thanks to our thought-out product portfolio, tasks such as building material handling, roofing, scaffolding and glass works are simplified and accelerated. By investing into a PALFINGER product, you invest into better utilization, improved time management, fast load cycles and maximum safety.

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Forestry & agriculture

Working in forestry and agriculture, you can draw from our global experience in this field. No matter if you’re looking for a tailor-made solution for fertilizer handling, landscaping or timber processing and transport, we offer tried and tested, robust and cost-efficient machinery for this line of work. 

Every single one of our products offers maximum-safety and solid quality for everyday forestry and agriculture challenges.

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No matter if you work in hydraulic engineering, mining or machinery building, you can rely on our bespoke products for the most challenging industry segments. As handling fuels, rubber, synthetics or metals often comes with special requirements, we know that you need well-proven technology for these kinds of applications. Our cranes, hooks and skips, access platforms and truck mounted forklifts make it easy and safe to tackle even the most challenging industry projects.

As certain tasks like working with fuels can be dangerous, our machinery offers highest safety standards, for instance through radio remote controlled systems allowing operators to stay out of the danger zone.

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Bridge inspection, industrial cleaning or power plant maintenance are fields of work that often come with substantial risks. That’s why you can choose from a range of PALFINGER products that have a particular focus on safety, complying with the strictest norms and offering special work platforms.

In addition, our loader cranes, hooks and skips, bridge inspection units, tail lifts and access platforms also offer perfect conditions for working with power utilities, renewable energy and telecommunications.

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Sharing your experience in the railway segment, we are able to offer a high-quality choice for your projects in the field of bridge inspection and repair as well as for railroad construction, maintenance and intervention.

Discover bridge inspection units, access platforms and world-market-leading railway systems tailored to local customer needs that comply with the standards of any international railway manufactures and operators.

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State institutions

With many years of experience in working together with municipalities, PALFINGER offers well-proven solutions for the most challenging requirements. No matter if it’s for military use or emergency services, our choice cranes, hook- and skiploaders, truck mounted forklifts, tail lifts and access platforms are ideal for situations where time is of the essence.

State-of-the-art products offer maximum safety (e.g. through special work platforms and radio remote controlled units) as well as optimum compatibility, making it easy for you to assemble an entire equipment pool of PALFINGER machinery.

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Transport & logistics

Our comprehensive product portfolio allows you to cover a vast variety of transport and logistics needs. Heavy-duty PALFINGER cranes make it easy and safe for you to transport everything from heavy load cargo to containers and of course also fast-moving consumer goods.

Special products for emergency wrecking support and maximum-safety solutions for the transport of dangerous goods are an optimum choice for any application in the logistics segment. Choose from our broad portfolio of cranes, truck mounted forklifts and tail lifts and enjoy unrivalled functionality. From events to tradeshows, from freight forwarding to gas transport – with our professional transport & logistics solutions you’re all set for business!

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Waste management & recycling

Waste management and recycling are a vital part of our everyday lives. That’s why we are proud to offer premium solutions for professional garbage removal, container discharge and bulk waste handling.

Our recycling cranes, hooks and skips and truck mounted forklifts were all designed to deal with the special challenges of waste management.

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