PALFINGER Access Platforms

Description of the classes

Light class

Custom vehicle configuration to suit individual requirements

The Light class is designed for a gross chassis weight of up to 3.5 t and so is suitable for holders of car driving licences. However, it can also be mounted on chassis of 5 t and 7.49 t as well as on all-wheel chassis with permissible gross weights of 10.5 t. The PALFINGER Light class is characterised by its aluminium telescopic system, All sensitive components are protected to help make tree maintenance work easier. The Light class is characterised in particular by its user-friendly concept, which reduces training times for hire customers and ensures safe on-site operation.


Premium class

Ideal all-rounder

Extensive standard equipment, a wide range of additional equipment and the option to install the system on all-wheel or standard chassis from different manufacturers and weight classes make the Premium class a truly customisable access platform.

The Premium class boasts a user-friendly operating concept featuring a colour graphic display and offers a high degree of flexibility. In this class, Palfinger offers access platforms with and without a counter slewing system, depending on whether the customer wants more storage space or high manoeuvrability. The counter slewing system makes it possible to turn the platform within the vehicle's width (including mirrors), making it ideal for working while traffic is flowing.


Jumbo class

Exceptional flexibility combined with outstanding performance

The Jumbo class is characterised by its high degree of flexibility combined with outstanding performance. With special profile structures and lightweight materials, the design ensures that this series has a low dead weight. This allows more tools, working accessories and material to be transported on the vehicle. The distinctive X-jib means that even workplaces that are difficult to access can be reached with ease. This flexibility is supported in particular by the workman basket with a rotation of 2 x 200 degrees. This basket rotation facility allows the full basket width of 3.88 m to be utilised at the rear of buildings.


Top class

The sky’s the limit!

One exceptional feature of the Top class is the vertical lower boom telescope, which provides an extremely high degree of stability. The working height of 103 m on a Tadano all-terrain chassis is unique on the market. The chassis is extremely agile and ideal for off-road use thanks to the all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive. Alternatively, Palfinger also offers its customers a working height of 90 m on a standard truck with lots of storage space.