Construction Jobs

Being among the most relevant application industries for PALFINGER, the bandwidth of needs is broad – but so is the product power of PALFINGER!

Building Materials Handling

•    Construction site logistics from depot or factory
•    Unloading directly next to your truck
•    Load manipulation into higher levels
•    Utilizing every single kilogram of payload

General Construction

•    Making construction site work easy – every day
•    Flexible load positioning wherever it is needed
•    Reaching corners & spots that other products cannot reach
•    Tricky installation work with heavy loads

Road Construction & Maintenance

•    High working speed and numerous load cycles
•    Avoiding long annoyance periods to public
•    Using full product functionality with space restrictions
•    Smooth interaction of various machines on site

Roofing & Scaffolding

•    Overcoming all types of interfering edges
•    Executing construction work also on the rearmost side of the building
•    Performing lifting, installation and offloading work at great heights
•    Special systems required for work safety such as fall protection

Window & Glass

•    Solving the challenges of distribution logistics across Europe
•    On site delivery of windows also in rough terrain
•    Lifting & positioning of glass installations on building facades
•    Highest requirements to smooth operations and precision

Wholesale of Sanitary Products

•    From industrial players down to one-man-shows
•    Making on- and offloading a quick & easy task
•    Manipulation of all sort of different materials:
ceramics, tiles, pipes and fittings
•    Reliable equipment for “long life – low intensity”
use cases

Palfinger Solutions


PALFINGER Loader Cranes are one of the best and most multifunctional tools in the construction segment and it is impossible to think of efficient construction work without them.

Key Applications

  • On site delivery of brick & block products as well as big bags
  • Simple offloading vs. positioning on elevated levels of the building
  • Working in full heights and placing pallets with roof tiles
  • Installation activities on facades, inside buildings and on roofs
  • Heavy duty lifting work

Your Benefits

  • Full visibility with radio remote controlled loader cranes
  • Lifetime excellence with KTL coating and service & maintenance contracts
  • Maximum performance with long boom systems, power links and real-time stability control
  • Best ratio of “product dead weight” vs. “truck payload”

Hook- & Skiploaders

PALFINGER Container Handling Systems offers Hookloaders and Skiploaders which are powerful partners and offer great versatility.

Key Applications

  • Multifunctional tool used to deliver or pick-up building materials, machines, scaffolding  etc.
  • On site storage of rubbles, waste etc.
  • Manipulation of several containers
  • (Un)loading in tight space

Your Benefits

  • High performance adapted for rough conditions
  • Full visibility with radio remote controlled Hook- and Skiploaders
  • High level of comfort with simple and  intuitive usability
  • Minimized cycle times meet maximized efficiency 
  • LIFETIME EXCELLENCE with PALFINGER origin protection coating, service and maintenance contracts


EPSILON cranes from PALFINGER are developed for hard and fast slewing movements and for numerous loading cycles. Especially with clamshell buckets their performance is impressive.

Key Applications

  • On site construction material manipulation
  • Muck away 
  • Heavy duty loading with clamshell bucket

Your Benefits

  • Excellent hook clearance and working geometry 
  • Double Linkage System for steady force and constant boom speed in the whole operating area
  • Full visibility with radio remote control
  • Double slewing system with endstrokedamping
  • Compact design  (Z-Cranes are foldable 2.55 m vehicle width incl. calmshell bucket)
  • Easy Fold is a automatic assistance for (un)folding the crane, great in narrow spaces

Crawler Cranes

The PCC crawler crane series is the most versatile and adaptable lifting solution for  construction settings - indoor, urban and all-terrain. It impresses with long reaches and individual postitioning options.

Key Applications

  • Allrounder on difficult terrain, its task begins right where the truck journey ends
  • Specialist for indoor, urban and offroad applications
  • Optimum working in tight spaces with crane module as “stand-alone” without its crawler chassis - by moving the unit on the stabiliser outriggers

Your Benefits

  • Advanced crane geometry
  • Flexible stabilization on heavy-duty outriggers 
  • Automatic levelling and stabilising on inclines
  • Increasing stability and lifting capacity through shifting by moving the unit on its lateral and longitudinal outriggers
  • Optimum positioning in tight spaces by “H”-frame 
  • Reverse linkage system
  • Emissions-free work with seperate E-unit
  • Precision control with PALcom P7

Truck mounted forklifts

Mounted on the rear of a carrier vehicle or in a protective box between the axles, your PALFINGER Truck-Mounted Forklift is completely independent from any on-site offloading devices. 

Key Applications

  • Fragile load handling like windows even in rough terrain
  • Easy & fast handling of building materials and turf
  • Precise delivery to the right place in short term even in narrow places

Your Benefits

  • Easy and time-saving maintenance 
  • Maximum manoeuvrability even in narrow situations
  • Best-possible visibility 
  • Simple electrics as well as reliable and robust technology
  • Very low dead weight 
  • Easy loading and unloading the truck from one side

Access platforms

The perfect lifting solution for many different purposes arround the construction industry.

Key Applications

  • Wide customer base: rental companies, industries, green
  • services, window cleaning
  • Reach high areas for painting & window cleaning
  • Reach difficult areas for brick constructions, tree cutting
  • Inserts with uphill and downhill gradients can be compensated for by raising the truck

Your benefits

  • Working heights of between 10 m and 103 m for chassis weighing between 3.5 t and 60 t
  • Wide range of vehicle concepts can be implemented - whether high tonnages for greater  loading capacitiy, a higher vehicle category, more axles or four wheel drive for offroad applications
  • Easy, user-friendly handling and operator comfort
  • All platform functions can be easily controlled using the control panel including a graphic display
  • The automatic levelling saves time and ensures accurate alignment for maximum performance data.

More Information

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