PK 63002 EH High Performance

Loader Crane

PK 63002 EH High Performance

The continuous slewing system increases the efficiency in use during the crane's entire lifetime.

  • More effcient and faster due to continuous slewing system
  • More lifting power due to E-HPLS
  • Practical and attractive due to Functional Design
  • High value retention thanks to coating technology


More efficient in operation due to faster loading cycles, since the crane can be slewed over a shorter distance. The crane works more efficiently and faster.


The PALFINGER HIGH POWER LIFTING SYSTEM (HPLS) increases the capacity of a crane up to around 10% with reduced operating speed.The new electronic version (E- HPLS) is controlled by the PALTRONIC safety system.

Low-maintenance extension system

With sliding elements made of synthetic material and the high-quality KTL coating, this boom system significantly simplifies service performed by the operator. This saves time and money – and protects the environment.

Power Link Plus

With the 15 degree reverse linkage system, you can reach through low door openings and also work inside buildings. Heavy crane work – even in difficult conditions.



PK 63002 EH

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