PALFINGER Loader Cranes

Memory Position

Save up to 4 crane positions with the Memory Position and return to them again and again with only 2 levers.

Safety, precision and efficiency are essential when working with a crane at any time of day or night. Especially with repetitive tasks, attention in particular can decline over the duration of the operation. To reduce complexity and sharpen concentration where it gets tough, the new Memory Position assistance function is a great way to do so. It cannot replace the sense of responsibility and the necessary concentration in these activities, but it can make the work easier, faster and safer.

Memory Position is precise, intelligent & fast

  • Simplifies repetitive lifting applications
  • More time and attention for complex lifting operations by simply switching to conventional controls
  • More precise and faster control of stored points allows for more lifts per day
  • General reduction of the crane operator's workload
  • Risk of damage to the crane or load is reduced
  • Significant reduction in training time for new crane operators



The new Memory Position allows crane operators to store up to 4 crane positions at once. In case of a changing situation, such as a new job site, new positions can be defined. With only 2 levers for a linear lever radio remote control and with only 1 lever for a cross lever radio remote control, a stored crane position can be reached again. The geometry page shows the distance of the extensions to the stored position and the necessary angle change to the stored position in real time. In doing so, the intelligent new feature takes into account any load on the crane tip and includes the vehicle inclination to reach the predefined point exactly. 

Easier and more efficient work for repetitive applications: 

  • Performing applications on roofs and building facades
  • Loading and unloading trucks with palleted goods
  • Emptying of underfloor containers
  • Spreading bulk material by using  a grapple
  • Working in confined spaces


  • Availability: The Memory Position is available on all new TEC crane models with the PALTRONIC 180 as Memo Light or Memo. 
  • Ready for immediate use: The Memory Position is ready for immediate use anytime, anywhere. No calibration is required. 
  • Memory Position is an option: The Memory Position supports the crane operator in repetitive tasks as a semi-automatic assistance system. It can be changed simply to the conventional way of operation the crane by releasing the so-called dead man's button on the radio remote control. 
  • Compatibility: The Memory Position can be configured for all extension variants with and without fly jib. In addition, outreach-increasing attachments, such as the MFA jib, are included when using the Memory Position. 
    Compatibility is guaranteed with almost all PALFINGER assistance systems, especially Smart Control is an optimal addition. The FPM (Fall Protection Mode) and the workman basket can only be used when the Memory Position is deactivated. The comfort and assistance systems SRC & RTC in connection with a rope winch function work independently of the Memory Position. 
    If there is a restricted area, e.g. a cab protection, within the crane's movement radius when approaching a stored point with the Memory Position, then the loader crane stops when reaching the restricted area limit with speed reduction ramp. By releasing the dead man's button, the crane can be controlled further without Memory Position. 


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