PALFINGER Loader Cranes

Control Valve LX-6

Sensitive and precise control of the TEC loader cranes

Product Features

The control valve block is the heart of the crane and thus the crucial factor for the "efficient energy distribution" in the crane system. The quality and functionality of the control valve determine the performance of the entire crane. The LX-6 control valve is tailor-made to meet the demands of the new TEC loader cranes.

How It Works

The LX-6 control valve is designed with simplicity and modularity, allowing for easy maintenance and adaptation to unique needs. It's designed to be lightweight and compact while offering the best precision in class. A significant innovation is the electric control of the spool by the Intelligent Control Unit (ICU). This eliminates the need for a pilot oil circuit. A brushless electric motor adjusts the slider rod using a rack and pinion gear. This makes the slider rod positioning independent of temperature and more responsive than hydraulic control. Additionally, the spool's entire stroke calibration (flow rate) is performed during production. The control valve is calibrated at the factory based on predetermined reference values for each function. This delivers several benefits.


Ready for immediate use - Precise from the first moment

  • Sensitive and precise control
  • Excellent cold start performance
  • No delay in crane control due to the absence of hysteresis
  • Optimal calibration ensures direct control without a dead zone effect
  • High precision with a repeatability accuracy of 0.1%

Easy to maintain

  • Improved and easier service
  • Good accessibility and interchangeability of all components, such as the spool
  • Electronic connection without a daisy chain
  • No oil leakage line necessary
  • Very robust construction - good protection against environmental influences and pollution


The LX-6 control valve has been specially adapted to the requirements of the new TEC-range and is in this form only available for PALFINGER loader cranes.
All current and future models of the TEC series with a continuous slewing mechanism are equipped with the LX-6 control valve.