Premium Class

P 370 KS E

P 370 KS E

Access Platform
Working Height 37 M
Basket Load 500 KG
Side Reach 31,5 m


The P 370 KS E combines a diesel drive system with an electric drive system, which means that it offers the performance and service life of a diesel engine at low operating costs. Compared with an all-diesel machine, it offers considerable fuel savings, is much quieter (less than 62 decibels) and has lower CO2 emissions. The P 370 KS E is quiet, efficient and emissions-free, making it ideal for night-time and indoor work as well as for use on environmentally friendly construction sites in urban areas.

  • At a driving speed of 100%, a minimum of 24 driving cycles* – each one 7 minutes long – can be driven
  • The electrical platform operation is sufficient for one complete working day (depending on usage behaviour)
  • Shortening of the charging time thanks to an intelligent quick-charging function
  • With intermediate charging during work breaks, electrical operation can be extended.
  • When the battery charge is low or in emergency situations, platform operation can be continued via the truck engine


P 370 KSE

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