In addition to performance and quality, it’s the equipment and extra features above all that make working with a PALFINGER access platform so easy and efficient. Depending on the sector, platforms and baskets need to offer a range of features both small and large in order to make work processes easier, safer and more efficient. This is where our three industry packages enter the picture, which are tailored precisely to the requirements and wishes of our customers. With the Tree Cutting, Industry and Cleaning, and Energy Suppliers packages, we are offering three ways for you to benefit from not only lower prices but also faster availability.


Versatility, reliability and speed play a major role in tree cutting and green maintenance work. This is because it is often necessary to work quickly on trees and bushes next to roads and paths so that traffic is not obstructed for too long. This is where a P 250 BK from PALFINGER is used by many customers, as it is ready for operation in the shortest possible time and, with its horizontal reach of 16.9 metres, can often work on several trees without having to change position. The tree cutting package helps the operators here to be able to carry out their work efficiently, as tools, for example, can be stored in the basket safely and within easy reach. The cutting package includes:

• Wooden edge on the workman basket
• Chainsaw stowage space on the workman basket
• Tool tray
• Partition grating with holder 
• Light package
• Reinforced line protection

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Modern technology and new tools are beeing used more and more often when it comes to cleaning buildings. Therefore, the industrial and cleaning package includes many practical features that enable the use of various tools while working with an access platform. For example, the power lift system: with it´s help even large, bulky and heavy materials can be lifted with the platform. Additional lights and viewing lights on the counter slewing system as well as better illumination of the surroundings provide the necessary safety during work. The industrial and cleaning package includes:

• Vertical parallel basket drive (vertical parallel maneuverability)
• Powerlift system
• Attachment points for load-securing nets
• Holder including 7 traffic cones
• High-pressure air line (basket/vehicle)
• Signal light, attached on the left on the counter slewing system
• Signal light, attached on the right on the counter slewing system
• Illumination of the surrounding area (periphery lighting of the stabilizer)

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When working on the power grid, safety is the top priority. To ensure that this is also the case when working with a access platform, a special power supply package has been put together that provides additional protection and comfort for this special work. In addition to the particularly important insulation package and a basket made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, there are also special rubber floors in the work basket, for example, which ensure better slip resistance. The power supply package includes:

• Insulation package
• GFRP cage1.4 x 0.7 m, no opening
• Rubber floor in the work cage (honeycomb rubber mat)
• Fixed aluminum edging, 200 mm high
• Attachment points for load-securing nets
• Wooden frame on the cage
• Signal light, attached on the left on the rotating tower

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