FHS 55 4W

Truck Mounted Forklift

FHS 55 4W
Imperial Metric
Visibility Open View Mast
Lowest Laden Weight 6925 lbs (120") | 7045 lbs (144")

Narrow roadways, paths and openings present unique challenges for the delivery of long loads such as lumber. This requires an agile 4-way directional forklift that can travel sideways with the load to reach the designed delivery location.

The 4-way mode selection is as simple as the flip of a switch, and you’re ready to travel sideways to your final delivery point within seconds. For additional safety in standard and 4-way mode, the FHS 55 4W is equipped with independent brakes on all three wheels.

  • This also is available in a reach model — FHS 55 4WP

Side View

  • Contemporary angular styling with 45° corners offers a sleek look that matches today’s commercial vehicles
  • Standard side mount operator controls eliminate the need to climb on/off the machine during the mounting/dismounting process
  • Integrated side guard with automatic closing functionality
  • 3-Point entry and exit with ergonomically arranged steps and grab handles for ease of entry and exit
  • Ground-level diesel fuel fill for easy refueling when the forklift is on the ground or mounted on a truck or trailer

Side View

  • Spacious, ergonomic operator cabin with ergonomically arranged foot pedals, digital display and easy-reach control levers and switches with armrest
  • Radiator panel and robust molded bumpers on rear corners
  • Main frame side pods provide additional structural rigidity and a clean overall look

Front View

  • Low profile engine hood significantly increases right-hand side visibility
  • LED work lights
  • Front DOT-compliant street lighting kit
  • Class IV carriage opening for increased visibility

Rear View

  • Main frame design with 45° rear corners minimize turning radius and extends beyond the inset body panels, protecting them from impact
  • ROPS and FOPS tested and approved overhead guard
  • Strobe light 
  • Folding SMV sign
  • Rear DOT-compliant street lighting kit
  • 180° Rear steering for maximum maneuverability
  • 5° Inward seat positioning increases rear-view visibility


Main Frame Channels

The sturdy main frame uses a Standard 4 channel section, which enables the use of larger diameter and wider mast carriage rollers that greatly reduce loading and wear.

Carriage Cylinders

Carriage cylinders are recessed below the mast carriage, providing a lower center of gravity for the machine and added protection from damage caused by falling debris.

Corrosion Resistance and Guarding

  • Composite body panels
  • KTL-treated and powder-painted chassis
  • Galvanized steps, stabilizers, wheel motor guards, transport chain hanger brackets
  • Dacrotized mast chains
  • Zinc-coated mast and chain rollers
  • Wheel rim valve stem guards
  • Protruding wrap-around chassis


FHS 55 Series — English

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