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Celebrating National Roofing Week: Redefining Roofing Delivery with Comprehensive Lifting Solutions



The first full week of June marks National Roofing Week, an annual event initiated by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) to highlight the importance of the roofing industry. This week is dedicated to raising awareness about the critical role roofs play in protecting homes and businesses and recognizing the contributions of professional roofing contractors in every community. 


As we celebrate National Roofing Week, it is the perfect time to focus on the essential equipment that makes efficient roofing delivery possible. Did you know that the average roof replacement typically requires moving over a ton of materials? Ensuring these materials are delivered efficiently and safely is crucial. PALFINGER’s lifting solutions, including knuckle boom cranes, material handling cranes, and truck-mounted forklifts, are at the forefront of this important work. These solutions are designed to streamline the process, enhance safety, and improve productivity on job sites, no matter the size or location. 


Let's explore the various types of material handling solutions used in roofing delivery and how they contribute to the success of roofing projects. From the versatility of knuckle boom cranes to the precision of material handling cranes and the mobility of truck-mounted forklifts, we are proud of the role they play and how they are setting new standards in today’s roofing industry. 


Knuckle Boom Cranes

With their extended reach and flexibility, knuckle boom cranes are game changers in roofing delivery. These cranes enable precise placement of roofing materials even in the most challenging locations, streamlining the handling of heavy materials like shingles, tiles, and metal sheets. This significantly reduces manual labor and speeds up the delivery process. With advanced control systems, knuckle boom cranes ensure accurate material placement and optimize workflow. Their versatility, combined with various attachments, makes them suitable for a wide range of roofing projects, from residential to commercial. The compact design allows efficient operation in urban or confined spaces without sacrificing lifting capacity. By automating material lifting and placement, these cranes improve safety by reducing the need for workers to carry heavy loads up ladders, lower labor costs, and enhance overall project efficiency, saving significant time. 


PALFINGER offers a comprehensive range of knuckle boom cranes tailored to meet diverse roofing delivery needs. PALFINGER knuckle boom cranes are equipped with market-leading safety systems, ensuring high performance in all roofing jobs. With the addition of a fly-jib, these cranes become highly versatile, easily reaching over larger houses, significant buildings, apartments, and commercial roofs.  

Truck-Mounted Forklifts


Truck-mounted forklifts are an efficient alternative for loading and offloading in the roofing industry, where job sites are difficult to reach. PALFINGER forklifts are designed to navigate challenging job sites, such as construction, uneven surfaces, and narrow residential streets and alleys. This ensures that roofing and exterior building supplies are delivered precisely where needed.  

The PALFINGER FHS Series is the ideal companion to PALFINGER cranes, as they provide the most convenient solution for roofing deliveries. Truck-mounted forklifts complement material handling and knuckle boom cranes where the crane may be limited by reach or accessibility. The TMF can be quickly mounted and dismounted in under a minute, allowing expedited delivery and quick transport over rough terrain or confined spaces. PALFINGER's Cranes and Truck-Mounted Forklifts are an excellent solution for companies looking to improve their delivery capabilities and flexibility, allowing more material to be delivered daily. 


Material Handling Cranes

Material handling cranes are essential for efficiently delivering large, heavy sheets of plywood and other bulky materials to roofing job sites. These cranes automate the lifting and placement of heavy materials, significantly reducing manual labor and physical strain on workers. Advanced control systems ensure precise material placement, which keeps job sites organized. Their versatility allows them to handle various tasks, making them valuable multi-purpose tools for roofing contractors. 


PALFINGER offers a range of "drywall-style" material handling cranes that provide strong and durable solutions, operating with speed, accuracy, and power. With their long outreach, these cranes are ideal for roofing supply deliveries, whether for new construction or roof replacements. Stored over the truck bed without folding up, they are easy to operate—simply lift the crane out of the boom rest, and you're ready to work. Equipped with hydraulic forks, these cranes effortlessly engage a pallet, lift it, and position the load to distribute shingles on the roof efficiently. 

As we celebrate National Roofing Week and recognize all those involved in the industry, it is clear that the right equipment plays a crucial role in the success of roofing projects. PALFINGER's innovative products and solutions exemplify the advancements in roofing delivery that enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity. By investing in these cutting-edge tools, roofing supply companies can ensure reliable and swift material handling, ultimately leading to more successful and profitable projects. 


Ready to elevate your roofing delivery capabilities? Explore PALFINGER's comprehensive range of lifting solutions and see how they can transform your roofing operations. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and find the perfect match for your business needs.  


Let's build a stronger roofing community together, one efficient delivery at a time.