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How Truck-Mounted Forklifts Unpack Efficiency in Lumber Deliveries



Imagine this: You’re on a busy construction site, and a lumber delivery truck rolls in. You not only see the lumber but also a forklift attached to the rear of the truck. This isn’t just any forklift; it’s a truck-mounted forklift (TMF), a piece of equipment that’s completely changing the game when it comes to lumber deliveries.  

Delivering lumber often presents significant logistical challenges. The bulk and weight of lumber requires special handling/ vehicles. Factors like weather conditions and navigating unique and challenging job sites only add to the complexity. Here, the TMF comes into play, enhancing efficiency, improving safety, and offering unparalleled flexibility.  

The PALFINGER FHS 55 4W and FHS 55 4WP TMF models are particularly suited for these challenges. Think of this product like the AWD of the delivery sector. With agile 4-way directional capabilities, these units can maneuver sideways, effortlessly accessing even the most constrained spaces typical at construction sites. These models can easily be adjusted to navigate around obstacles to deliver materials precisely where needed. The FHS 55 4WP model even includes a unique Reach System, allowing the operator to offload the entire load from one side of the truck. This enables the operator to complete more deliveries as they are no longer required to move their vehicle multiple times due to parking constraints.    

To give you a better sense of how these innovations impact real-world operations, here are the experiences of two companies in the lumber delivery industry that have integrated the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklifts into their operations.  

Founded in 1925

Lummus Supply Company

Lummus Supply was founded in 1925, by Robert H. Lummus Sr. and began as a modest, family-operated sand and coal business which grew into the renowned hardware and building materials company we know today. They have listened to the needs of the Atlanta building community which allowed them to grow further into Lummus Supply Company in 1961. 

Over the decades, Lummus Supply has remained at the forefront of the industry, continuously expanding its reach with four additional locations and a team of over 80 dedicated employees. Lummus Supply shows the resilience and innovation synonymous with the lumber industry with a legacy built on a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

The company has embraced PALFINGER TMFs to enhance delivery efficiency and safety. Their operators feel more at ease operating them on the job site. As their operators aptly put, "I'd rather have a PALFINGER on the back of my truck instead of the competition." 

Will Lummus, President and CEO, highlights the benefits for both their operators and customers, “They’re able to get the lift on and off the truck without having to be inside the PALFINGER (forklift). Obviously, that’s going to save some time, because they’re able to do it from the ground. They’re not getting up and down off the lift, mount it and unmount it. The sidewinder comes into big play, especially with the type of jobs that we go into in Atlanta where the houses are very narrow. So having the sidewinder obviously helps with our times, and helps get our loads in and helps us service the customer better." 

Founded in 1976

C&R Building Supply

In 1976, Mario Carosella Sr. started a small home remodeling company, C & R Window Company, which grew into the much larger Philadelphia-based C & R Building Supply. Mario's sons have truly seen the company evolve, as they now have a state-of-the-art facility designed to enhance the customers' experience. With a showroom, drive-thru lumber yard, hardware store, and paint store, the new facility allows them to give customized support to ensure their customer's needs are met.  

Operator Zack Santiago relies on his PALFINGER TMF for his deliveries and praises the FHS 55 4WP for its reliability, comfort, and power. This gives him the flexibility to deliver any load under any condition safely and efficiently. “We put the machine to the test all the time. It is very heavy duty, very industrial. It makes you feel comfortable even with the load on there, you feel secure. And it’s so powerful. It moves, it accelerates way better than the other machine that we had. And it’s more comfortable for people my size.” 

Impact of the Truck-Mounted Forklift 

The adoption of truck-mounted forklifts by companies like Lummus Supply and C&R Building Supply illustrates the significant benefits these machines offer regarding operational efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. The PALFINGER FHS 55 series is an industry-leading product designed by our operators to ensure we deliver a product focused on the operators' needs and safety. The FHS truck-mounted forklift can help revolutionize a business's ability to accept new jobs they weren't able to previously. This series can also enable a company to save time and complete these deliveries faster, allowing them to take on more deliveries. 

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