PALFINGER Loader Cranes


Machine Efficiency on 21st century Level

In our current times, it is no longer enough to just have the perfect device. As important are its current “health status” as well as further information about use, maintenance and service. Always the relevant information, at the right time and in the right place. 

This means you can achieve maximum uptime for your devices with as little administration effort as possible.


  • Less administration 
    The necessary documentation such as spare parts catalogs, machine configuration documents, etc. can be accessed with one click and are displayed in a central view. 

  • Financial success 
    More equipment uptime and fewer unforeseeable downtimes resulting in better financial results for the company! 

  • Improved efficiency 
    Send the right machine to the construction site by simulating the specific application in advance with the JOB PLANNER*. By defining the support situation and the necessary load cases, it is possible to provide a detailed operational planning in advance.  
    (* only for loading crane) 

  • Complete control 
    Stay up to date on your entire PALFINGER fleet at all times and keep an overview 
    CONNECTED plus+ 
    What is the current status?  
    Are there status codes displayed?  
    Are there service appointments coming up?  
    In which areas has the vehicle been used recently?  
    All of this and a variety of other information based on live data is available to you anytime, anywhere with CONNECTED plus+. 


  • Security 
    Practical tools such as maintenance checklists and error information ensure optimal operational safety. 
    CONNECTED plus+ 
    Feedback on repeated overload situations during use or familiarization with the environmental conditions and support options using JOB PLANNER. This further increases the safety of your operators and your equipment on site. 

  • Improved communication 
    Everyone involved (operator/fleet manager/service partner) accesses the same database and receives the information based on their needs in an optimized overview. 
    CONNECTED plus+ 
    The connection to the operators is always maintained. Information about maintenance steps is documented and made available to the fleet manager in real time. Machine operators are also proactively informed about status codes and the associated severity. 

  • Better uptime 
    You as a customer and the PALFINGER service network are always informed about upcoming service appointments and technical conditions. 
    CONNECTED plus+ 
    In case of an emergency, the PALFINGER service partner can check the provided online status codes, the machine status and other parameters and is able identify problems and take preparatory measures to avoid them. 


Thanks to the user-optimized views contained in PALFINGER CONNECTED, the back office and the crane operator are connected at all times: 

Every user receives the relevant information related to the equipment clearly at a glance. 


Our devices are already intelligent and equipped with countless sensors. With the optionally available Connected plus+ package, this data can now be used optimally. 

  • Extended information flow between devices, users and fleet managers through the transmission of LIVE data using a telematics module 

  • Overview of the current “health status” and position of each equipped device 

  • Evaluation of the history over the entire product life cycle 

  • Additional CONNECTED plus+ features with future updates 

  • Alternative function DATA package - A pure interface solution for transferring telematics data to external fleet management tools 



  • Loader crane 

  • Hookloader  

  • Access Platforms 


  • Job Planner (Loader crane) 
    Tool for planning, preparing and exporting orders using central PALFINGER crane data 

  • Service and maintenance* 
    Overview of the periods for necessary maintenance work 

  • Status codes and statistics* 
    Overview of current status codes and their processing 

  • Operating times and geodata* 
    History of device usage times 

  • Machine communication (Hookloader)* 
    In app communication between fleet manager and operator as well as real-time transporter position on request 

  • Remote-controlled height adjustment (Access Platforms)* 
    Working height limitation via the system 

(*only viable via CONNECTED plus+)