PALFINGER Loader Cranes

High Power Lifting System

Experience the highlights of our PALFINGER loader cranes

Product Features

The PALFINGER High Power Lifting System (E-HPLS, A-HPLS or S-HPLS) increases the capacity of the crane by up to 15% while reducing working speed. E-HPLS can be activated manually for the occasional manipulation of very heavy loads. A-HPLS (SLD 3, SLD 5, TEC 5) is activated fully automatically and offers 10% more lifting capacity. S-HPLS activates itself also automatically, offering 15% more lifting capacity on SH- and TEC 7 crane models. There is continuous activation depending on the power required.

How it works

If HPLS is activated, the hydraulic pressure is increased electronically. That way, a higher payload can be achieved. At the same time, the speed is reduced by the electronic system.


More Efficiency in Use

  • Increased lifting power of the crane
  • Better lift-to-weight ratio
  • Each function is slowed by different amounts, so that less critical functions like boom extend/retract can still run close to normal speed


  • The reduced speed allows for accurate positioning of heavy loads

Increased Resale Value

  • The service life of the crane is prolonged by reduced dynamic loading of the crane structure