PK 19.001 SLD 5

Loader Crane

PK 19.001 SLD 5


  • Additional applications with Single Link Plus
  • Higher payloads due to intelligent lightweight design
  • Maximum reliability due to PALTRONIC
  • High degree of user-friendliness thanks to optional radio remote control
  • More lifting power due to A-HPLS

High Power Lifting System

The PALFINGER High Power Lifting System (E-HPLS, A-HPLS or S-HPLS) increases the capacity of the crane by up to 15% while reducing working speed. E-HPLS can be activated manually for the occasional manipulation of very heavy loads. A-HPLS as well as S-HPLS are activated fully automatically. There is continuous activation depending on the power required.


Single Link Plus

The knuckle joint on the crane's knuckle boom improves the crane's lifting power significantly in typical working positions. This knuckle boom, which has been specially developed by PALFINGER and can be angled upwards, also stands out by virtue of excellent movement geometry. Difficult crane jobs can be performed with precision even in the tightest spaces.



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