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TEC Series Cranes

Explore PALFINGER's innovative and high-tech premium knuckle boom crane series extended to include our core product range.

PALFINGER TEC series cranes are our new generation of premium technology knuckle boom cranes offering best-in-class outreach and lifting capacity for complex, specialized operations. The TEC series includes powerful crane models defined by their lightweight steel construction, P-Profile boom, and range of intelligent assistance systems.

The PALFINGER TEC series has been extended to include six new knuckle boom crane models, bringing many advantages of our larger heavy-duty TEC cranes to our class 35-58mt cranes. New models include the PK 58.002 TEC 7, PK 55.002 TEC 5, PK 48.002 TEC 7, PK 45.002 TEC 5, PK 37.002 TEC 7, and PK 35.502 TEC 5.

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P-Profile Low Maintenance Boom

TEC cranes feature an industry first, patented tear-drop P-Profile boom that provides increased torsional strength along the entire boom system, including the fly-jib, and is extremely lightweight. The P-Profile benefits operators with less deadweight and more load stability in the boom system. Adapted from our larger TEC series cranes, this superior extension system is found on all TEC crane models in our core product range.

The P-Profile is not only lightweight and high in torsional strength, it also features a low maintenance extension system, which eliminates the need for operators to grease the boom system.

Dual Power System Plus (DPS-C)

TEC cranes feature a dual power system (DPS Plus) that when equipped with a fly-jib, enables the use of the full lifting power of the fly-jib, for large outreaches, as well as heavy load operation.

TEC 7 crane models are available exclusively with DPS-C, which enables an increase in lifting power when the booms are fully and partly extended. A length measuring system identifies the current position of the extension booms and the fly-jib to ensure that performance is optimized across the entire outreach.

PALCOM P7 Radio Remote Control

TEC 7 cranes feature an ergonomically designed PALcom P7 radio remote control built to make operator’s work effortless. The P7 remote enables crane operators to have awareness of the overall situation at any time. In addition to the visual feedback from the large color display, the P7 also provides acoustic and haptic signals.

The P7 remote enables the use of a variety of innovative assistance systems, such as the P-Fold. By moving just one control lever on the P7 remote, TEC 7 cranes can be immediately placed into a ready-to-use work position. The P-Fold assistance system benefits operators by preventing damage during setup and reducing set-up time.


Light Weight with Increased Load Stability

TEC series knuckle boom cranes provide operators with increased load stability by reducing deflection in the boom system. The P-Profile is not only lightweight and high in torsional strength, the boom improves the transportability, robustness, and service life of the crane.


PALFINGER has further developed the proven stability system HPSC that offers additional application oriented functions in a modular system. One of the modules of this HPSC-Plus concept is HPSC-Plus LOAD. It reacts to the loading condition of the truck and calculates on the basis of the inclination of the maximum load limit suitable for the respective situation.

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PK 35.502 TEC 5 PK 35.502 TEC 5

PK 35.502 TEC 5

PK 37.002 TEC 7 PK 37.002 TEC 7

PK 37.002 TEC 7

PK 45.002 TEC 5 PK 45.002 TEC 5

PK 45.002 TEC 5

PK 48.002 TEC 7 PK 48.002 TEC 7

PK 48.002 TEC 7

PK 55.002 TEC 5 PK 55.002 TEC 5

PK 55.002 TEC 5

PK 58.002 TEC 7 PK 58.002 TEC 7

PK 58.002 TEC 7