PK 1350 TEC

PK 1350 TEC

Loader Crane
  • Gross vehicle weight of 32 t – fully equipped with 2500 to 3000 kg payload capacity (four-axle truck)
  • Gross vehicle weight of 40 t – fully equipped with 8000 kg payload capacity (five-axle truck)
  • High mobility due to the mounting on standard truck chassis
  • Very stiff and light boom system thanks to P-Profile
  • More intelligent operation with PALTRONIC 180 control electronics
  • Extra smooth control thanks to LX-6 control valve
  • Additional applications with Power Link Plus
  • More efficiency with fly-jib due to DPS-C
  • Maximum utilisation of the working range thanks to extended HPSC
  • Increased comfort and safety due to Soft Stop
  • Practical and attractive due to Functional Design


The innovative control valve LX-6 enables particularly precise control of the new TEC-range. In combination with our specially developed PALcom P7 radio remote control, this gives the crane operator the best control over the TEC loader crane. As a result, every movement is even more precise and, above all, faster than ever before.

Smart Control

With Smart Control, the operator of a TEC crane turns hard work into smart work and can control a horizontal or vertical movement of the crane tip with only one lever. The intuitive control of the tip allows a diagonal movement as well as any curve by combining both directions. 

Memory Position

Save up to 4 crane positions with the Memory Position and return to them again and again with only 2 levers. 


Leveling Assistant

The Leveling Assistant supports the crane operator during the stabilizing process by leveling the vehicle efficiently with just one lever movement on the PALcom P7 Radio Remote Control. 



The polygonal or drop-shaped P-Profile is especially rigid and simultaneously light weight design perfection. Thanks to self-lubricating materials, the extension boom system is low in maintenance.



The PALTRONIC 180 is the most advanced control electronics for our loader cranes, enabling a safe, precise, and reliable operation. With its state-of-the-art technology, it allows for a variety of innovative assistance systems, such as Memory Position or the Leveling Assistant, and sets the standard for the new TEC generation.



PK 1350 TEC

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