Carolin Baumeister is also in good hands with the EPSILON Q150Z when it comes to heavy short logs. She shows us how easy it is to load thick logs with a strong and reliable partner at her side.

The young transport entrepreneur Carolin Baumeister has everything firmly under control at Baumeister Transporte GmbH. Together with her father and her boyfriend, the power woman works in the successful family business, which was founded in 2011 and operates from Bösingen near Rottweil in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. "Every day, we transport several trucks with logs from two to six metres long. Either we drive the wood from the forests to nearby sawmills and paper mills or we load the wood directly onto the railway," Carolin Baumeister tells us energetically.

On today's mission, the friendly entrepreneur takes us with her truck to Seedorf in the Black Forest. From there, on this sunny day, several truckloads of short timber are transported to a sawmill in Offenburg, about 70 km away. Arriving at the site in the forest, Carolin Baumeister climbs onto the EPSILON high seat as a matter of course and starts up her equipment with ease. You can feel the passion and notice immediately that the young woman has been sitting at the crane since her childhood days. She knows exactly which levers to operate and starts her work effortlessly. Crane driving used to be a hobby for Carolin Baumeister and initially a part-time job. "I often helped my father and brother with the crane in the evening or at the weekend when they were working in the forest. I trained as a technical product designer. Very soon, however, I realised that I enjoyed driving the crane much more than my office job," she continues, as she operates her work equipment quite naturally.

Power woman Carolin Baumeister has everything under control on her crane. She manoeuvres the heavy machine and lifts one heavy log after another onto her truck with ease. "I am often admired by walkers in the forest because I, as a female, can operate such a large piece of equipment," says the likeable young crane driver. But she has been used to that for a long time. Working at the limits is easy for her, especially with the EPSILON Q150Z, which the company has been using for two years. "Before we had the Q150Z, we often had to use two cranes to do the work that this crane now does with ease," says Carolin Baumeister as she reaches for the next tree trunk. She precisely lifts the thick trunks of 2.5 to 3 solid metres and loads the trailer of her truck with ease.

The young crane specialist sits majestically on the top seat of her loading crane, which offers protection even in bad weather conditions thanks to its pneumatically folding EPSHOOD weather protection roof. "Of course, the seat heating and the weather protection roof are particularly practical in bad weather. This is ideal if you often spend the whole day on the crane," says Carolin Baumeister while she concentrates on transporting the next tree trunks onto her truck.

After she has finished loading the truck and her trailer, she compactly folds the crane across the direction of travel so that the load volume of the truck can be optimally used. We accompany Carolin to her next place of work, the sawmill in Offenburg, where she unloads the thick logs. Here you can see how much the young crane driver enjoys her work. Even though every day presents new challenges for her and her equipment. The robust design of the EPSILON Q150Z makes working efficient and easy. The EPSILON Q model series is optimally designed for tough short logging operations. "Our loader cranes are often in continuous operation. It is particularly important to have a reliable crane that can withstand high loads," says Carolin Baumeister in conclusion as she swings the broom and cleans her truck after her work is done. Even after this hard day's work, she has a smile on her lips. She knows what she has achieved on this long and successful day in the forest and happily drives home again.


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