The right cam at the right time - for a better control of your hookloader’s operations


The VFF has been developed to allow a better control of operations from inside the cab. Drivers can see accurately and without effort, what they are doing. They can adjust their handling at the right moment saving time without compromising safety.

The automatisation of cam selection, avoids the driver stopping the operation to select the right camera. Thanks to this, the process is smoother and allows the operator to stay focused on the handling and to be able to react immediately if needed: wrong alignment of the container, obstacle, people in the work area…

What are the benefits for the fleet operator?

Increased safety of the working area: win the precious seconds that makes the difference between damages or injuries and safe work. By assisting each phase of the operation by the correct camera view, the visibility is enhanced when and where needed, without delay and the driver stays safe in the cabin.

Improve profitability of your equipment: reduce maintenance downtime by taking operation control to the next level. With drivers supported by intuitive technology, your equipment is more effectively protected against damage to containers, hookloaders or even trucks. Well-preserved equipment lasts longer and sells better.

Ease turnover of users and allow drivers to become proficient with the equipment quicker. No need to manage the camera switch and keep constant view on the handling: the VFF helps unfamiliar users to stay focused on their job in total safety of the work area.

What are the benefits as a user?

Be more confident about the safety of your working environment: the system helps to react on time by improving the visibility in the different phases of the operation.

Stay focused on your tasks: As the right camera view is automatically pushed to your eyes, you can concentrate on all the other important jobs.

Efficiency is improved when tasks are intuitive and fluid: you can check quickly and easily each step of the loading or removing of containers by pressing one single button of your PAD touch screen at the beginning of the job.

Because a lot of safety is never enough

Performances of VFF can be enhanced with a 4th camera. Assigned is an extra camera to a specific function which is not in usual scope of loading and unloading containers and will improve the safety of the operation. If you want to have visibility during the underride bar deployment, check the rear hydraulic locks … just activated the function though the PAD touch screen and the camera will automatically be activated too.


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